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Sneaky Pete’s Oatmeal Drink

Sneaky Pete’s Oatmeal DrinkOn the fiber front, when it comes to beverages, there’s not always a whole lot happening. Juicing is big, but many juices end up leaving out the pulp, rinds and skins, which reduce a crucial component of fruits and vegetables: the fiber.

But what about sneaking some whole grain fiber into a drink, can it be done? It can and it has – thanks to Sneaky Pete’s and his tasty oat beverages.

Sneaky Pete’s oat beverages blend filtered water, natural flavors, and oat bran concentrate in a number of fruit-flavored varieties that are refreshing, and fiber friendly! A 12-oz bottle contains just 40 calories and 3 grams of dietary fiber (2 soluble and 1 insoluble).

Thanks to samples sent by Sneaky Pete’s, I recently tried the peach flavored oat beverage. What I thought would taste like watered-down oatmeal ended up being a very crisp and delicious, lightly fruit-tinged beverage.

The oat beverages do contain sugar, but with just 5 grams of sugar, they give a slightly sweet taste without a huge caloric burden. These drinks are definitely better when consumed cold, and they don’t replace good old-fashioned water. But if you’re looking for a little extra fiber in your life – and your drinks – check out Sneaky Pete’s.

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