Does Maca Root Help with Weight Loss or Weight Gain?

Maca powder in a spoon

You may have seen maca pop up in a local coffee shop or made available as an add-on at a smoothie bar. This trendy superfood isn’t new – it’s a centuries-old plant harvested by the ancient Inca culture. Different cultures have passed down the maca herb over the years due to its … Read more

Everything about Winesap Apples

a bunch of apples on a tree

What do Winesap Apples Look Like? Winesap apples are a popular variety of apples, which have very dark red skin. They are round and usually medium-sized with a delightful and tender taste. The dark red skin of the Winesap apples is firm and hard. The flesh of Winesap apples appears creamy yellow … Read more

Greger’s 5:1 Fiber Ratio Rule

Greger’s 5:1 Fiber Ratio Rule

Check out the daily videos published by Michael Greger, MD of Dr. Greger’s entertaining video snippets do an outstanding job of summarizing the vast amount of published nutrition research, delving into what the studies really say (and don’t say) – and saving you a boatload of time by not having to … Read more

Why Massaging Kale is a Must

A bowl of kale salad

Kale has been a popular superfood recently, especially during the summer. Kale salad, kale chips, kale smoothies – these things are everywhere. It’s a fibrous, strong, bitter green that’s not just for salads; it holds up well to being baked, sautéed, and mixed in stews. It’s crazy dense with nutrients that are … Read more

Fiber Tracking Made Fun

Fiber Tracking Made Fun

Despite its grainy past, folks are finally embracing fiber. This magical component of the diet has documented health benefits for the prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer, weight management, and others. The Institute of Medicine, in their report on pages 339-422, recommends that men age 50 or … Read more

How To Treat Toenail Fungus With Oregano Oil

In this article we explain how to treat toenail fungus with oregano oil, We cover what toenail fungus is, the benefits of oregano oil, treatment regime, correct dosage, and possible side effects. Onychomycosis, usually referred to as toenail fungus, is a very common infection especially among older people. The fungus that causes … Read more

Oregano Oil – How to Use For Candida

While it’s a fact that oregano is an indispensable part of Italian cuisine, would you believe that this aromatic herb also has a place in your medicine cabinet? It is believed that oregano was originally known as a healing herb before it became recognized for its culinary attributes. Oregano is the source … Read more

How To Use Tea Tree Oil To Treat Toenail Fungus

Nail fungus, or onychomycosis in medical terms, is a stubborn fungal infection that can stay on for years if left untreated. Symptoms are not hard to detect so treatment can be started right in its early stages. The infection starts as a noticeably discolored streak on the nail surface or underside. This … Read more

Using Chaga Mushroom To Treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common inflammatory skin condition distinguished by symptoms such as raised itchy patches of inflamed skin with thick scaly covering. It usually appears in areas like the scalp, elbows, and knees. However, they can also appear on the nails, trunk, and legs. Since it is not an infection, there is … Read more

How To Use Oregano Oil To Treat Herpes

Herpes is a is a highly contagious skin infection caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). The virus comes in two types: HSV1 which causes cold sores and blisters, and HSV2 which causes genital herpes. While this infection can occur in any area of the body, the most common parts they affect … Read more

Benefits of Blueberries for Health

Vans Blueberry Sandwich Bars

Tiny, vibrant and sweet blueberries are an essential pick during the summer season. You would find them in oatmeal, waffles, cereals, pancakes, smoothies, and drink, but little do you know the wonders these blueberries bring to your body. The blue colored berries we eat come from perennial flowering plants and their blue … Read more

Health Benefits of Berries


Contents 1. Blueberry 2. Strawberry 3. Blackberry 4. Goji berry 5. Cranberry 6. Acai berry 7. Raspberry 8. Bilberry 9. Gooseberry 10. Lingonberry 11. Schisandra Chinensis Berries are a rich source of many antioxidants and important nutrients that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Berries were one of the most popular foods … Read more