Easy Weeknight Dinners with O Organics

Fall has befallen us! As the cooler weather sets in, our minds start migrating to warm, comforting foods that taste…

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Starbucks’ New Stuff Roundup

“It’s time to start thinking of Starbucks for great food”. Or so says the promo material for the new La…

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Gold Medal Fueling Tips of the Olympic Athletes

The Winter Olympics are upon us. And although we can’t all perform at the level the athletes do, at least…

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National Oatmeal Day – It’s OAT of This World!

Today is National Oatmeal Day. Did you know that 80% of American households have oatmeal stashed away somewhere in their…

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Pelletized Fiber: Coming to Your Cereal Soon

General Mills announced recently that it has filed a patent on a technique to pelletize fiber and calcium for use…

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Juicing: Health or Hype?

Juicing is hot…but it certainly isn’t a new concept. The juicing craze took off in the US in the 1970s,…

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The 10:1 Ratio for Choosing Whole Grains

Even whole grain gurus have a tough time deciphering front of package whole grain claims. With 34,000 new whole grain…

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Putting the Pressure On

Stop being scared of the pressure cooker! That was one of my New Year’s resolutions this year, and at just…

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Ezekiel Bread: The Wheat Belly Antidote

If you have a gut – it is trendy to be referring to it not as a gut, but rather…

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Cracklin’ Crack Down

An inquisitive reader wrote to ask about one of her favorite cereals, Kellogg’s Cracklin’ Oat Bran: “I’m concerned about my…

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