Fiber Recommendations

How Fiber Fared in the New Food Label

After 9 arduous years of deliberations, the FDA finally rolled out the final rule on the new food label last…

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Falling Back in Love with Fiber

In a New Year filled with weight-related resolutions, fiber is finally gaining some fans. A story published this week in…

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Bad Diet Trickle Down: 1 in 5 US Kids has High Cholesterol

A new report released today by the CDC shows that 21% of children and adolescents have at least one abnormal…

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Fiber Report Card: A Big Fat “F”

Americans are failing when it comes to fiber intake. The USDA’s “What We Eat in America” survey data shows that…

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2015 Dietary Guidelines: Piling it On

Every 5 years, a panel of US nutrition experts convenes to produce a blueprint for how Americans should eat. This…

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Healthy Halloween Treats That Won’t Bore You to Death

Do you know that 4% of all candy consumed in the US is done so on Halloween? And this year…

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Smart Food Resolutions

If you’re like more than 40% of Americans, chances are you’re going to be making at least one New Year’s…

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Chalk Another One Up for Fiber

It might not sound like a lot – but a bump in your fiber intake of as little as 7…

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Fiber Report Card: We’re Failing

A sizable study recently showed just how little fiber Americans are eating…and just how bad that might be for us.…

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Sneaky Pete’s Oatmeal Drink

On the fiber front, when it comes to beverages, there’s not always a whole lot happening. Juicing is big, but…

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