Weight Management

2 Ingredients: Is That It?!

When it comes to ingredient lists: less is more. And turns out, you can find short, real food ingredient lists…

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But First…Fix Your Fiber Problem

There’s no doubt that nutrition advice can be confusing, and sometimes downright contradictory. One week egg yolks are good for…

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The Skinny on Potato Skins

Carb smart consumers know when you’re sizing up starchy foods, “If it’s white…walk away!” We’re talking white bread, white rice,…

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Fiber Food Additive to Fight Appetite

Every fiber fan knows that fiber makes you feel full. But there comes a point when you can only rationalize…

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The State of Obesity: How Does Your State Stack Up?

Is Montana the last and least fat frontier? A new study on self-reported height and weight called the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being…

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Childhood Obesity: Some Good News

A new study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association shines a bright light on a…

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The Best Diets of 2014

What’s the best news about US News & World Reports’ just-published Best Diets of 2014? Refreshingly, the winners aren’t obnoxious,…

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Should Diabetes Alert Day be Prediabetes Alert Day?

Today is Diabetes Alert Day, the American Diabetes Association’s way of telling you to “WAKE UP!” if you are at…

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Pear Shape Isn’t Ship Shape

It used to be, when given the option, you would probably choose being pear-shaped over being apple-shaped. It was pretty…

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This Month: Focus on Fiber

Looking for a New Year’s resolution you can stick with as much as it sticks with you? Well luck for…

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