California Avocados: All Day for 7 Days

June is California Avocado Month! And even though the Avocado is a featured food during the month, you can enjoy…

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Juiceology: Not Doing Much for the Fiber Gap

As any fiber fan knows, eating your fruit is far superior to drinking it. The problem with juices are that…

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Bananas in a Bag: Freeze-Dried Crispy Fruit

Fiber fans know, fruit is a great go-to snack. Whole, intact fruit is a nice option for naturally occurring fiber…

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How to Drown Your Pomegranate Problems

Fall is about to befall us, meaning that pomegranates are coming into peak season. Pomegranates (Punica granatam) are a fruit-bearing shrub native…

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Back to School Roundup

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was paid to represent the brands featured in the blog post and the…

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All Things Avocado: Peak Season Produce

California Avocado season is in full swing! California produces more than 90% of the US avocado crop, and more than…

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2 Ingredients: Is That It?!

When it comes to ingredient lists: less is more. And turns out, you can find short, real food ingredient lists…

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PMA 2014: Fresh Summit Recap

As a guest and exhibitor with the California Avocado Commission, I recently had the opportunity to attend the Produce Marketing…

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Lowdown on the Listeria Fruit Recall

Food safety is forefront in the news this week after a California packing company initiated a voluntary recall of fruit…

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California Avocados: From Seed to Store

As a guest of the California Avocado Commission, I recently had an opportunity to attend an all-day media event learning…

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