What are food dyes?

Food_ Dyes

Food Dyes are commonly utilized to put the essence of brightness in the appearance of foods. They also have more benefits than natural colorings. Food dyes are majorly used in brightening the colors of soft drinks, bakery items, and candies. They are also found in the ingredients of pickles, salad dressings, smoked, … Read more

What Is The History of Food Dyes?

Food Dyes

Color extractions, naturally extracted from mineral sources, and veggies were the main source of food colorings that were utilized in ancient times in the manufacturing of several cosmetics, foods, candies, and medications. For instance, some of the majorly used food dyes were copper sulfate, paprika, lead oxides, saffron, and iron. Usage of … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Beans and Legumes

Red beans are a famous dish in South Asian culture.

Humans are cultivating beans and legumes from the very beginning. In today’s world, they are consumed and grown by many countries around the world and are found in multiple cultures. Both of them are not only budget-friendly but also hold high nutritional benefits as well. The legume is an umbrella term used … Read more

Healthy Diet Tips for the Winter Season

A person holding a cup of coffee

With winter come long nights, tasty snacks, stylish outfits, as well as the struggle to stay healthy to enjoy the season to the fullest. Winter comes with health issues such as flu, cough, and even weight gain caused by the comfort foods we eat to pass those long chilly nights. To stay … Read more

What are Macronutrients and Why You Need Them?

different ingredients used for making salad

There are certain factors that we should know about foods in order to create a balanced and healthy diet. One of those factors is the nutrients that the foods provide and how much nutrients they actually have that could benefit us and our bodies. Specific foods would usually have nutrients that are … Read more

Why We Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

A healthy breakfast with blueberries and whole-wheat bread

Many of us have grown up hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, as we grow older and our lives become more rushed, breakfast might have lost its importance in our lives. Instead of having eggs, toast, or hot cereal at the kitchen table, we might simply … Read more

Great Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

Chicken and veggies in a lunchbox

Packing a healthy and tempting lunchbox for your kids every single school day can be a challenge. You need to follow school rules about the kinds of food, pack a well-balanced meal, and also include things that your child will actually finish. There are also several precautions to take, such as cutting … Read more

Health Benefits of Pandan Leaves

Pandan Leaves

People who live in countries like Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia might be well aware of a plant called Pandan. It is also used as a spice across entire Southeast Asia. Apart from its unique taste and scent, Pandan leaves are cultivated for many other uses other than for food purposes. For … Read more

Health Benefits of Date Palm

Date Palm Tree

Dates have become quite popular over the years. They are grown on date palm trees in many tropical regions. Most dates sold all over the world are in dried form. You can tell whether a date is dry or fresh by looking at its skin. If it is wrinkled, it means that … Read more

Maca Root Does More Than Help with Weight Loss

Close-up photo of maca plant

Maca, also known as Peruvian ginseng, is a perennial plant harvested by the ancient Inca culture that can resist adverse climatic conditions like frost and strong winds. It’s a native plant with a therapeutic root that grows extensively in the Andes Mountains of Peru. For more than 1,300 years, maca is used … Read more