How to Consume Fruits and Veggies More Easily

There is a saying you should have fruits and vegetables if you want to lead a fruitful life. This statement is true, and as we all know, fruits and vegetables are often recommended by health experts to boost our immune system and avoid medical problems in the future. In addition to this, eating fruits and veggies could help improve our overall physical and mental health. 

However, despite the several health benefits present in consuming fruits and veggies, a lot of people are still not fond of eating them. With all the advocacies and advertisements, eating leafy greens is not always the best choice for some people. Most of the time, parents are having problems feeding their children fruits and vegetables. That is why, in the United States alone, research shows a large percentage of people not meeting the required daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Some people don’t like how their vegetables are prepared, while others just don’t like the taste at all. 

Interestingly, there are different ways to make your fruits and vegetables more appealing, especially to kids. Learning these techniques could make you enjoy eating your fruits and vegetables to help you stay fit and healthy. 

Always Include Fruits and Veggies in Your Meals

One of the main reasons why some people don’t meet the required servings of fruit and veggies is that they don’t even bother adding them to their meals. Eating fried chicken for dinner is fine, but it would be more enjoyable if you pair it with your favorite fruit and vegetable. If you eat your morning cereal, you could add bananas or dried fruits to make it healthier. Grilled vegetables could then be included in your dinner to balance the taste and have a crunchy texture. Adding fruits and veggies to your everyday diet is a great way to train your mind, wherein you would be used to consuming them regularly. 

Make a Fruit Smoothie

If you are a fan of smoothies, making a fruit smoothie is an excellent way to consume fruits. You can start your day with a nice glass of fresh fruit smoothie. Drinking fruit smoothies have a lot of benefits, giving us vitamins and nutrients to keep our bodies strong and healthy. Making fruit smoothies are also a great alternative for those who are not interested in eating raw fruits. 

Make a Fruit and Veggie Juice

If you are looking forward to consuming fruits and veggies easier, you can always try juicing. Unlike smoothies, juicing fruit and vegetable would extract all of their nutrients without adding any other substances to your drink. This process keeps the fruit and vegetable fresh as your drink it, without compromising its health benefits. Making a fruit and veggie juice does not change the taste; however, some people find it a lot easier to consume in liquid form. A regular glass of fresh juice is best for maintaining a healthy diet, making fruits and vegetables more appealing to you. 

Turn Veggies into a Delicious Dish

Besides simply adding veggies into your meal, another good practice is to cook them into a delicious dish. Some people just don’t want to eat raw veggies; the leafy taste is not something most people would crave for. Using vegetable as the main ingredient for your dish is ideal for enhancing the flavor, especially when combined with spices and other components. A simple way to cook vegetables is grilling. There are various vegetables that could be roasted; these include carrots, asparagus, and so on. Grilling veggies seal the nutrients and add a sweet flavor, along with a bit of saltiness. 

Lessen Your Junk Foods Intake

Eating junk foods is not the best option to improve your overall health. Furthermore, if you are looking forward to a healthier you, one practice you should do is to lessen your junk food intake. If you are a fan of eating junk foods, they would be a lot harder to resist in the future. The more you eat junk foods, the harder it would be for you to start consuming your leafy greens. That is why it is best to eat fewer chips and make veggies your healthy alternative.