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2 Ingredients: Is That It?!

2 Ingredients: Is That It?!When it comes to ingredient lists: less is more. And turns out, you can find short, real food ingredient lists in packaged foods.

Wait, packaged foods?!

Yep, that’s right, it’s ok to occasionally break out of your real food cocoon and eat a bar or two. (And while you’re at it – check out “Why We Need to Stop Calling All Unhealthy Foods ‘Processed‘” with great input from Registered Dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner).

But back to the bars.

I recently sampled That’s It fruit bars. That’s right: a bar called That’s It. Why? Because all it contains is fruit. And that’s it.

I happened upon That’s It at Starbucks, not a place known for simple, wholesome snacks. Regardless, I was fiending for some fiber and the flavor I found was Apple Blueberry.

The ingredient list says it all: Apples & Blueberries (or, if you want to get specific: it’s 1 apple and 20 blueberries. But really, that’s it).

To be fair, the bar is small – but it packs 4 grams of fiber in 100 calories, a significant fiber find that more than easily fits Harvard’s 10:1 ratio recommendation for 10 grams of carbohydrate for at least every 1 gram of fiber (which works for whole grains but also fruit foods).

Now, don’t go freaking out about 19 grams of sugar per bar, because if you’re eating real fruit, guess what? It’s a pure, good old fashioned carbohydrate, aka fructose, the naturally occurring sugar in fruit that also brings with it valuable vitamins and phytochemicals.

I think it’s a fiber faux pas that some other mainstream bars are foregoing fruit because consumers don’t understand natural vs. added sugars. But I also think a 2 ingredient snack is a great addition to the overly saturated barrage of bars on market shelves these days.

Although it’s pretty perfect and a dietitian’s dream snack, if I had to pick a bone with That’s It, it would be because of some of the bunk nutrition information on their blog.

Alkalizing fruits and flat belly foods? Come on! A product with a pure ingredient list should be touting its benefits rather than hiding behind sham science.

At the end of the day, you get a nutrition expert to clean up that feed and this high fiber snack is good as gold! You can procure this product at Starbucks, the That’s It online store, or in your local area by using their store finder.

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