Greger’s 5:1 Fiber Ratio Rule

Greger’s 5:1 Fiber Ratio Rule

Check out the daily videos published by Michael Greger, MD of Dr. Greger’s entertaining video snippets do an outstanding job of summarizing the vast amount of published nutrition research, delving into what the studies really say (and don’t say) – and saving you a boatload of time by not having to … Read more

Snack Hacks to Avoid the Fat Trap

a big belly

Forget everything you have heard about the packed snacks. Salt-bomb beef sticks, sugary cookies, and fattening potato chips are not the only snacks wrapped for your comfort and enjoyments. There are a lot of healthy snacks available in the market that not only fulfill your snack craving but are healthy as well. … Read more

Can Whole Grain Intake Reduce Mortality Rate?

A variety of foods made from wheat

According to 2015 research, consuming a high amount of whole grain is linked to the lower risk of premature death since it lowers the causes of early death like type 2 diabetes (Mellitus), major chronic diseases, and cardiovascular disease. The study was based on two substantial cohort surveys, including 43,744 males from … Read more

Everything about Sprouted Grains

Mixed bean sprouts (shoots)

Healthy eating is a lifestyle: you start eating wholesome and healthy foods while also informing yourself on several things about organic food items and how they are grown. You start skimming down the list of ingredients in various packaged foods, such as bread. Of the numerous healthy items you can include in … Read more