Veggie Sticks: The Potato Chips in Lipstick

Veggie Sticks: The Potato Chips in LipstickThe Sensible Portions company is just one of a growing number of manufacturers now making “Veggie Straw”, “Veggie Chip” and “Veggie Stick” packaged snack foods. Sensible Portions’ Veggie Sticks are probably the most recognized due their Costco presence – although almost every generic brand has a similar product now.

Despite the name “Veggie” – these snacks are nothing more nutritious than your average potato chip:

  • They’re not low in fat – 7 grams of fat per 130 calorie serving
  • They’re not low in sodium – about 300 mg sodium per serving
  • And they certainly aren’t a good source of fiber – 1 gram per serving

So how can something that is ostensibly a “vegetable” be totally devoid of dietary fiber? Well, the problem lies in the fact that these products are pretty far removed from what was once ever considered a vegetable.

The Ingredient List reads like this: Potato flakes, rice flour, potato starch, yellow corn meal…not much vegetable in these vegetable sticks.

If you want to eat vegetables: eat vegetables. If you’re looking for a salty, fatty potato starch stick – eat them as God intended: as French Fries!

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