Snacking: Fruit is First

According to the market research firm NPD and their Snacking in America report, the top 3 snack foods in the US are:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Chocolate
  • Potato chips

That’s right people – fresh fruit beat out chocolate and potato chips as the most popular snack in America!

More data from the report found that:

  • Snacks account for 20% of all “eating occasions”
  • Breakfast accounts for 28%, lunch for 25%, and dinner for 27%
  • Since 2002, the number of morning snacks eaten by a typical person in a year has risen by 22%

To be fair, self-reported food intake data isn’t always reliable – but at least the report indicates that even if they’re lying, people know what they should be eating for a snack.

Make fresh fruit your go-to snack and aim to eat three pieces of fresh fruit per day.

A handy tip for those of you at work?

  • Put 2 pieces of fresh fruit on your desk each day and don’t let yourself leave the office until they’re gone. Then eat the third piece as a before or after dinner snack when you’re at home.

Three pieces of fruit a day and you’re at 15 grams of dietary fiber – roughly half of what you need in a day, all before even eating one meal.

Snack on…but snack smart!