Peeled Snacks – Packin’ Fiber

You know the feeling – the, “How did I not know about these/that?!” feeling…right now, Peeled Snacks are my these/that snack!

I first read about Peeled Snacks in an Inc. Magazine article blurb entitled “The Small Joys of Family Business”. The next day, I saw them at a Starbuck’s in Hoboken, NJ; and later that same day, there they were at Whole Foods in Manhattan.

As a dietitian with a focus – and a blog – on dietary fiber, I can say it is a rare to find a laudable iteration of fruit – and in particular – one that retains all of the benefits of fresh fruit; but Peeled Snacks has certainly done it.

I sampled the “Apple-2-the-core” dried apple slices. Ingredients: organic apples. Not bad. Add in the fact that an individual serving has 110 calories and 3 grams of dietary fiber, with no added sugar or fat, and you have pretty much the only nutritional duplicate of an actual apple, which technically, these are…

Now, these snacks are certainly pricier than an actual apple (maybe not in New York though?) – but they are a close substitute. No chemical preservative aftertaste and not overly chewy, these are a great go-to alternative to fresh fruit that will keep you full for less fat and calories than your typical dried fruit snack.

Peeled Snacks offer organic, all natural, gluten-free GMO-free dried fruit and nut snacks that come in 7 fruit and 3 fruit mix flavors.

Interesting fact from the Peeled Snacks FAQ page: most of the Peeled Snacks are not technically raw foods because they are heated to 125 degrees F, slightly above the 118 degrees F requirement to be considered a raw food…a small price to pay – I’d say – for hard to come by packaged fruit goodness.