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Kellogg’s Bumps up Fiber in Some Special K Cereals

Kellogg’s Bumps up Fiber in Some Special K CerealsWith its “Special K Challenge“, Special K has gone to great lengths to advertise the link between its cereal and weight loss. The “Challenge” is to make 3 of your 4 small daily meals either Special K cereal or one of their bar or shake products. The problem is, that while its low in calories (110 cals per cup), regular Special K has almost no fiber – it leaves you feeling hungry shortly after eating.

This week though, Kellogg’s has announced that it is reformulating some of its cereals with added fiber. The FDA says that in order to call your product a “good source of dietary fiber”, it has to have 2.5 – 4.9 grams per serving. (A “high fiber” food has 5 or more.) The newly revised Special K cereals have 3 grams of fiber.

There will be no changes to the original Special K product, so that product will go on letting you down shortly after breakfast! For some better breakfast ideas, check out these previous posts on oatmeal, breakfast sandwiches and high fiber muffins.

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