Portion Controlled Pasta by Granoro

Like any fiber loving carbo-phobe, I enjoy a good pasta. Problem is that the calories in pasta can add up pretty quickly.

Enter Granoro brand’s Tagliatelle Verdi. Probably without even trying to, this authentic Italian brand pasta is automatically portion controlled.

Each individual ball is 1 oz or roughly 100 calories, making it easy to measure your pasta carbs and calories without digging around for the food scale. Just drop a ball (or two) into boiling water, cook and enjoy – no wistfully hoping you’re just eating 1 or 2 ounces, with this product you know for sure!

The fiber content isn’t great at 1 gram per 100 calorie serving, but the 11 grams of protein from higher protein semolina flour steps in to help keep you full.

Granoro’s products aren’t the easiest to find in the US; most sites that carry it are based overseas. But check out your local Italian and ethnic grocery stores for Granoro’s line of pasta and olive oils. Surprisingly, I discovered this Italian product at a Middle Eastern grocery store in San Diego.

So here’s to hoping that more domestically-available pasta companies will pick up on the pre-portioned pasta idea…maybe finally turning the tide on the dismal state of other 100 calorie pre-portioned options available here at home.