Best games set in the Wild West

There have been a number of games to have featured the American Wild West theme as their source of inspiration, with many of them having proven to be incredible hits regardless of which platform or games console that they may be played on. There is the Wild West Slots, which offers great bonuses, including free spins.

Indeed, there is something about the Wild West theme that gets players excited and immersed in the action, but whether it be all the gunslinging that can be found by the cowboys that are usually involved or the fact you can experience the life of an outlaw, there is certainly plenty of entertainment that can be had.

Here are just some of the best American Wild West-themed games to have ever been made available to gamers:

Red Steel 2

When the Nintendo Wii initially came out, gamers will have been looking forward to feeling as though they were part of the game and Red Steel 2 certainly made that happen. Players would be able to roam the Wild West with their motions and would be able to explore a map that was excellently designed.

One thing that will was incredibly different in this game compared to many other traditional Wild West-themed games was that it was combined with a Japanese Samurai theme. Nonetheless, it was one that worked really well together and provided a rather unique feel!

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

Back in 2005, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath was released on the gaming system and incorporated a theme that adopted a mix of science fiction and the Wild West. Players would follow the story of a bounty hunter who is only known as The Stranger as he travels through three different cities.

The game proved to be a huge hit and has since been re-released on the Nintendo Switch in 2020, thus continuing to remain one of the top American Wild West-themed games around.

Dead or Alive 2

As mentioned, there have been various different games to have incorporated the American Wild West themes across many different systems. However, it is not just video games that have proven a hit with the theme, as online slot games have also been incredibly popular over the years.

NetEnt’s Dead or Alive 2 online slot game, which can be tested and played at NJ slot machines, is just one example of being one of the best games that adopts the theme in an impressive way. Those that do decide to play it will be rewarded with some crisp and sharp graphics, whilst they will also be able to discover a number of excellent special bonus features such as free spins and a plethora of wild symbols that can all provide lucrative rewards!

Red Dead Redemption

Arguably one of the best American Wild West-themed game franchises to have ever existed, Red Dead Redemption first became available in 2010 when it was made playable on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Created by the developers of the Grand Theft Auto game series, many would have been excited prior to its release by Rockstar Studios and gamers were not left disappointed with what they were provided with in the first instalment.

The game is an open-world action game that provides plenty of entertainment and despite having been around for a decade, it still remains one of the best around as players take on the role of John Marston in an immersive storyline.

Red Dead Redemption 2

As we mentioned, Rockstar Studios know a thing or two about creating a hit game series and their Red Dead Redemption franchise is one that continues to impress. Red Dead Redemption 2 was high anticipated by gamers after the first instalment and had to wait until 2018 to be able to play this game as they were taken back 12 years in time and placed into the role of an outlaw going by the name of Arthur Morgan.

The graphics are stunning and they bring the American Wild West themes to a whole new level and one that is yet to be beaten by any other game available at the moment.