How to Eat Healthy while Traveling

As the pandemic slowly goes away, some of us will be going back on the road, travelling for work, or even better, to get away for a few days, as tourists. But travelling shouldn’t mean going back to bad habits, eating too much or unbalanced. Here are a few ideas to keep eating sane and nutritious meals on the road.

At the Hotel

Some of you may wonder if it is best to stay in a hotel, a b&b or to rent a flat, with the pandemic still lurking, here and there. You should know that hotels have revisited their protocols, when it comes to safety precautions. Some of them now call upon companies like JVD, a manufacturer of hygiene and hotel products, to ensure the quality of the air you breathe and that everything is sanitized with the best products available. Since it is easier to check on the cleaning procedures of a hotel chain online, as well as other measures they have taken to protect their customers against the coronavirus, it can be a better solution than a B&B or a flat, which is almost impossible to know for certain.

It is also better when it comes to food. It is easy, in a hotel, to request information about the food they serve, and if you want something cooked in a special way or you want to avoid certain ingredients, mentioning it to the Maître d’hôte should do the job. A hotel aims to make your stay as perfect and pleasant as possible, because they represent other locations around the world. You can be quite sure that they will make sure your demands are taken in account in the kitchen. Certainly, more than a regular restaurant would, as they know they will probably never see you again.

Controlling Ingredients, Calories and Portions

There is no secret when it comes to controlling what you eat, while away from home: You need to ask what ingredients they use in the plate you would like to order. You can also ask if they have meals made with whole grains, healthy oil, which comes with lots of vegetables and proteins. Depending on the restaurant, menu design, and the waiter, it might be easier said than done. But if you don’t try, you will never really know what you are eating.

There is another solution. You can also look for restaurants specialized in healthy food. They have appeared a few years back, and chances are, any big city you may be visiting, will feature a few of them. Then, don’t go snacking on two many peanuts and chips while sipping on your Martini, during the happy hour either…