3 Reasons Why Yoga is Great Practice for Dancers

If you are a dancer, then you may have the goal to become a stronger and overall better dancer. However, if you want to ever reach past your existing limits, you may discover you need additional training methods that go beyond dance. A popular option for many dancers is yoga.

If you are a bit skeptical, you aren’t the only one. Learn why yoga is a great investment of your time here.

1. Improved Body Awareness

Regardless of the type of dance you take, your class likely focuses on alignment and position, which requires the proper form and clothing, such as Just for Kix wear. With yoga, you are taking these fundamental concepts a step further and the good news is, you can use the same clothing.

Yoga classes typically move at a slower pace than dance classes. This gives you the opportunity to achieve a higher level of precision. One example of this is rather than just putting the feet into a parallel position you have the time to make sure the edges of your feet are in line with the edges of your mat and that you have equally distributed your weight to all parts of your feet.

It’s these fine details that help you build your dance poses from the ground up and that provide you a much stronger foundation. By moving slowly and more deliberately, you can correct problems that may lead to issues for you in the future.

2. Improved Flexibility and Strength

With yoga, you participate in several standing poses. These can help you develop the same muscles you use for a wide array of dance moves, including jumps, battements, and developpes. The other poses help to build strength in parts of the body that are overlooked too often.

You can develop your upper body strength by practicing yoga moves such as handstands and downward dog. All these can be extremely useful when you are practicing lifts or promenades with your partner

While most dancers are flexible, the majority of them also have certain parts of their body that are tighter than others. By practicing these poses you can unlock a much larger range of motion. That’s because the yoga poses are typically held for longer periods of time, you can achieve more results and reduce the risk of injury.

Improved Flexibility and Strength


3. Health Benefits

In addition to the physical benefits of yoga mentioned above, it also works in a way that isn’t so readily apparent. For example, when you practice spinal twists, you help to keep your spine more pliable, while putting gentle pressure on your internal organs. This provides a detoxifying effect on your body.

The inversions such as headstands and handstands also reverse your flow of blood, redistributing it through the body, and improving circulation. This can help your mind feel calmer and clearer and eventually lead to improved circulation.

Yoga: It Makes Sense for Dancers

If you are a dancer, adding yoga to your list of activities just makes sense. Give it a try to see how it can benefit your dancing and your life and health in general. Chances are you won’t be disappointed.