Would You Eat That? Should You Eat That?

Would You Eat That? Should You Eat That?“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants,” said Michael Pollan in his book “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual“.

In the same book, Pollan also advises readers to eat foods with 5 or less ingredients (inspiring among other things, Haagen Dazs’ “5″ line – containing five ingredients, all of which are high in salt, fat and or sugar).

Now consumers are taking the ingredients list to a new level: only eating foods with ingredients you can pronounce.

Seems simple enough: the less chemical and processed your food is, the more likely it is to be fresh, whole and nutritious.

But buyer beware: some of those seemingly foreign ingredient words really aren’t that bad for you. Ascorbic acid? It’s vitamin C that prevents discoloration in cut fruit. Aluminosilicate? An anti-caking ingredient that keeps your salt from sticking together. The list goes on. And in some cases, on and on.

Now there certainly are some foods and products on the markets with laughable ingredients. And in that vein, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago created an online game called “Would you eat that? The game of naming what’s in what you eat.”

From Acesulfame K to yellow dye #5 – this interactive game takes you through the harrowing world of ingredient lists in easily recognizable food and drug products.

Check out the “Would you eat that?” game by clicking here – and start paying attention to what’s really in your food!

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