Working Out with a Parent: 3 Tips for Results 

Whether you’re trying to get a retired parent to move about more or trying to get a discount at a gym, working out with a parent is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. It’s an opportunity to bond, motivate each other, and make fitness a fun part of your routine. 

Here are 3 tips for working out with a parent and seeing results. 

Friendly Competition

Injecting a bit of friendly rivalry into your exercise routine can really spice things up. The competitiveness is a solid motivator and adds a playful twist to your workouts.

So, pick a specific exercise, say push-ups, and set a doable weekly goal – let’s say 50 push-ups collectively. Each push-up you nail earns you a point. Tally up the points by the week’s end, and the one with the most takes the win. If your goal is 50 push-ups, and you manage 30 while your parent hits 25, you chalk up 30 points, they get 25. It’s a straightforward way to add some pep to your routine.

Switch it up by choosing a different exercise each week, like squats or planks. This keeps the competition fresh and challenges different muscle groups.

Varied Fitness Activities

Speaking of keeping things fresh, doing the same old thing often leads to boredom, which isn’t great for keeping that workout mojo alive. Mixing up activities not only means hitting different muscle groups but also keeps things interesting.

Plan out a rotation of activities – cycling, hiking, dance classes. Make the decisions together to keep that collaborative spirit alive.

For example: week 1 might be cycling, week 2 could be a scenic hike, and week 3? Why not try out a fun dance class? You’re not just getting fit; you’re exploring new stuff together.

In fact, consider introducing themed workout weeks, like “Cardio Week” or “Strength Training Week.” Each week focuses on a specific type of exercise to keep your routine dynamic and engaging.

Celebrate Progress with Rewards

Acknowledging achievements, even the small ones, really boosts the feel-good factor and underlines your hard work paying off.

First, set doable milestones – like hitting a weight loss target or bumping up your reps. When you hit these goals, treat yourselves to a small, healthy delight or plan a joint enjoyable activity.

Say your joint weight loss goal is 10 pounds. When you hit that 5-pound mark, celebrate with a special, healthy dinner or plan a weekend activity you both love. Or, create a fitness vision board together. Whenever you achieve a milestone, add a symbol or image to the board. Watching it fill up becomes a visual celebration of your shared progress.

Really, incorporating friendly competition, varied fitness activities, and celebrating progress with rewards can transform your workouts with a parent into an enjoyable and effective journey towards better health and fitness.