Why are Deer Mostly Reserved?

Game-keeping is becoming a popular activity and the governments of several nations are directing efforts towards the creation of more game reserves in their nations. One branch of game-keeping or management that is beginning to gain momentum is deer management.

Deer management is the act of harnessing the activities of deer such as their feeding habits and reproductive ability to influence the interaction between these animals and humans. A wide variety of knowledge has to be acquired by the person who wants to venture into this aspect of zoology as well as learning more from different sources such as learning the feeding habits of deer on Feedthatgame.com and other important details about these animals.

However, there are some certain reasons there is a surge in the practice of deer management especially in the developed parts of the world. Some of these will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

Low rate of predators

Deer are relatively safe from predators as most of their natural predators have been drastically reduced from hunting or gone into extinction. The impact of deforestation has also contributed to this since all the forest areas that were once home to predators of deer have been wiped out by the construction of roads, houses, and urbanization at large.

High level of smell and sensitivity

Deer are ruminant animals and feed on cuds such as corns, peas, sorghum, and other high-protein crops. These animals can perceive these crops from afar and hence, there is little worry about how to feed them. With the introduction of modern feeding kits, game-keepers and hunters can even now set time to release feeds according to the feeding habits of the deer. At the stipulated time, the deer come to feed themselves.

High reproductive ability

Unlike the cows that give birth to a calf in a lifetime, the female deer known as does can give birth to about three young ones at a time. They reproduce towards the mid-year after a gestation period of seven months. These young ones also are born with reddish-brown fur that adapts to the colour of the forest and hence, protects them from possible predators.

Contribution to Earth’s biodiversity

Apart from them having a large species around the globe, these animals have also been able to fasten the growth of plants and fertilize the soil with their faeces which serve as manure in the soil. Plants in areas where they are kept tend to germinate better and grow faster.


Male deer shed their antlers once a year to grow another one and these antlers can be used to beautify our houses. Sometimes, when hunters killdeer; they keep their antlers or the head with the antlers as proof of their prowess in the forest. One of the deer that is usually used for the purpose is the red deer.

These and many more reasons are why hunters and game-keepers preferred to reserve deer. Until you try to reserve some yourself, you might never get to find out some reasons. Deer can also serve as food although killings of these animals have been regulated in many places but will the hunters not eat? All you have to ensure is that you are certified to hunt and follow all rules guiding game hunting.