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Whoopi Lets Her Love for Fiber Rip

Whoopi Lets Her Love for Fiber RipNational interest in dietary fiber piqued at an all time high yesterday when Whoopi Goldberg, host of The View, farted on air amid a discussion about dietary fiber with Dr. Oz.

Oz was busy hyping the benefits of konjac fiber – which is unfortunate, since as a physician, he should be recommending dietary sources of fiber which have well established positive effects on health, as opposed to supplemental pills, which remain questionable, costly and essentially a waste of time and money…

Regardless, caught up in the passionate throes of dietary fiber discussions, Whoopi let one loose, disgusting not just her co-hosts, audience members and Oz – but at the same time, finally securing her place as the most insufferable of The View’s caddy cackle of hostesses.

To actually learn something about a food-based source of konjac fiber – check out this previous post on shirataki noodles and glucomannan.

And, if you must see Whoopi in action, you can first thank Perez Hilton for hosting it, and then click here to watch.

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