When And Why Do We Need Braces?

Braces can help with various problems that could be affecting your dental health. They might be uncomfortable, but they’re worth it in the end. Your teeth can take a lot of damage if you don’t take the time to fix them. 

Procedures like braces will strengthen your teeth, give them a good shape, and if the damage is already severe enough, it will create space for your teeth to grow too. It will help straighten your teeth on their own. 

Here is an article that will educate you about when and why do we need braces and if it is medically significant to apply them. 

Why do you need it

You might need braces if your teeth alignments are asymmetrical and this is causing problems while eating and talking. It’s also possible that you have gaps in between your front teeth or one tooth is sticking out much more than all of the others.

Here are top reasons why people need braces

  1. To remove a large crowding of teeth (especially if your teeth are crowded into the front of your mouth and are causing problems).
  2. To correct overbites, which may be caused by a crooked bite, or a slightly rotated bite.
  3. Overcrowded front teeth (often where two teeth meet in the middle).
  4. Broken cusps, which can cause serious problems with biting and chewing. Often, this will leave spots on the top surface of your teeth and it can even result in permanent tooth loss.
  5. More severely crowded or broken down cusps, which require additional space to improve alignment.

Braces are used to correct a wide range of problems and issues with the way your teeth look and function. The problems listed here are just a few, but they’re the most common cases and should be enough to convince you that your teeth need to be fixed! 

Are braces medically necessary? 

In the United States, all children under the age of 18 should be assessed by a local orthodontist before they get braces. An orthodontist will help you with the treatment of craniofacial abnormalities, malocclusions and craniofacial disharmonies. They can also suggest braces for treating severe issues such as cleft lips or palate, Hemifacial Hypertrophy, and Parry-Romberg Syndrome. 

Who needs braces?

Braces might be used to correct uneven tooth spacing or crowding, crooked bites, and teeth that are too small or large for their space. If a tooth is broken down or has a large chip missing from it, this could also mean that it’s time for braces.


There are so many people who have needed to wear braces at some point in their lives. They’re not always a bad thing, although they might make you feel a little self-conscious at first. Disproportionate teeth impact the way we sound out certain words, braces help in the alleviation of speech impairment. 

It helps in aiding digestion and provides a confidence boost to people who have issues with the appearance of their teeth. Braces help fix your teeth and keep them healthy so that you can be comfortable while you go out and eat or talk with friends, too!