What is a C15 Pill?

C15 pills contain the essential odd-chain saturated fatty acid C15:0. The recently discovered essential fatty acid has been tied to better cardiometabolic function and liver health. You can find small amounts of the fatty acid in whole dairy products, but those sources have drawbacks.

What more do you need to know about C15 products? Read on to find out.

What The Science Tells Us

Stephanie Venn-Watson, PhD and Eric Venn-Watson, PhD co-discovered the groundbreaking essential fatty acid while performing research on dolphins. You can compare C15:0 to omega 3 and omega 6.

Known as an odd-chain saturated fatty acid, C15:0 is categorized like this because of its carbon structure. But aren’t saturated fats bad for you? That’s what science has told us for a long time.

As it turns out, there are some saturated fats that are actually beneficial for our bodies.

What the Research Found

People with higher amounts of C15:0 were in better health and had higher survival rates.

The essential fatty acid also lowered inflammation and tissue scarring in studies of more than ten human immune systems. 

Studies with mice showed that those mice which were obese experienced lowered glucose levels after increasing their C15:0 intake through supplements in their diets.

It also increased cellular stability in aging cells by strengthening the cell membranes by 80 percent. This can help protect our cells from breaking down prematurely, helping us to age more slowly.

Everyone knows that the mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. C15:0 supplements were found to increase mitochondria function by 45 percent in human cells.

The essential fatty acid can also activate receptors that help us regulate mood, hunger, sleep, metabolism, and immunity.

Potential Benefits of C15:0

C15:0 has been found to support your cells and protect your health as you age. It can also help with your metabolism, red blood cell health, liver health, and heart health.

C15:0 gives your cells a fighting chance. The increased mitochondrial function, stronger cell membranes, and enhanced immune function all work together to help keep your body strong and prepared for whatever you throw at it.

Regular intake of essential fatty acids like omega 3, omega 6, and C15:0 can help you improve your health and promote healthy function of your liver, heart, and cells overall.

Its researchers are confident in its ability to help support your health.

Why Is It In Pill Form?

Most of the sources of C15:0 we can find in our diet have only small amounts of it. Importantly, these also come with negative fatty acids that we don’t want to be ingesting a lot of. 

Things like butter and whole milk, along with some fish and plant sources are foods you can naturally find C15:0 in. The downside to these dietary sources of the essential fatty acid are that they also have other saturated fats that we still want to avoid eating in large amounts.

A C15 pill offers all of the benefits of the fatty acid without the negatives from its whole dairy counterparts.

Where to Get C15 Pill

You can access C15:0 in small amounts from increasing the amount of fish, plants, butter, and whole dairy in your diet. 

You can also access C15:0 as the active ingredient in Fatty15 from Seraphina Therapeutics, from the researchers who discovered the essential fatty acid. You only need small doses of 100 mg per day to help strengthen your cells and prolong the aging process.

To strengthen your liver support and cardiometabolic function, invest in your health by integrating C15:0 into your daily routine along with your omega 3s.