Ways to light up the vanity mirror to create HD reflections

The vanity table began at the start of the 17th century as a movement in Europe. It evolved to become an element of status and was regarded as a beautiful piece of art. It began with royalty and elites of the society. It has developed through the years to become what is now the vanity table.

People are self-conscious by nature about how they look and appear. A vanity mirror improves self-esteem, confidence, and helps reduce stress. Vanity mirrors are important daily-use personal grooming accessories used to check how we look, apply makeup, make our hair, and primarily used to assist you in looking your best. Vanity mirrors are also referred to as makeup mirrors.

Ways to light up the vanity mirror to create HD reflections

What is the role of light in creating quality reflection of image?

What is the role of light in creating quality reflection of image

When people look at themselves in mirrors, they see an image behind the glass. This image is projected from light rays coming in contact with the mirror’s shiny surface. The light rays bounce back from the surface to reflect our image in the mirror. Mirrors do not reverse or flip images as believed by some, and it is a misconception.  

Light reflects on our bodies, and they bounce off randomly in no specific direction. When we look in a mirror, the light from our body streams towards the mirror, bouncing off the shiny surface (the silver coating), which results in an organized light reflection that projects our image into the mirror.

With these, the environment must be lit up adequately to create high-quality reflections devoid of shadows. The absence of light is what makes some reflections dark, shadowy, and hazy, and these can also be caused by the harsh light characteristic of regular bulbs.  They know this at Hollywood makeup mirror Australia for example.

Ways to highlight vanity mirror

Vanity mirrors can be highlighted with light in the following ways:

1. Using LED strips 

Using LED strips 

Led strips are perfect for highlighting mirrors of various shapes and sizes owing to their compact dimensions and excellent brightness and is one of the generally accepted ways of lighting vanity mirrors.

LED strips produce even and soft glow devoid of harsh shadows that are commonly known with conventional light bulbs. The even glow produced by LED strips makes one spend less time on makeup and hair making activities carried out in front of the vanity.

Apart from the soft and even glow they produce, lighting your vanity with led strips makes your bathroom appear stylish and modern. Led light strips are energy efficient, which saves you some money on your energy bill. Most Led strips are produced with dimmers, which makes it possible to adjust the brightness to your preference and to save energy.

LED strips can be installed easily on mirrors that do not have one. The strips are produced with adhesives that make installing them behind mirrors easy and fast without using screws and brackets.

2. LED Backlit style 

LED-backlit style is a popular way of lighting up vanity mirrors. LED tubes are installed behind the mirror by outlining the mirror’s perimeter with the LED tubes. The tubes produce subtle lighting that is bright enough to make applying makeup easier, shaving, and other activities that need well-lit reflection.

Also, the LED-backlit style of lighting mirrors can serve as standout light sources in the bathroom. The tubes give the mirror a glow that not only makes the ambiance bright but also make the environment relaxing.

Besides the above, the glow produced by backlit LED mirrors creates full illumination that puts your entire face in the spotlight and with even bright light. Standard lighting in the bathroom will create shadows on face reflections. This makes seeing your full face illuminated challenging. This also negatively affects how you apply makeup, shave, or other activities performed with the aid of lighted mirrors.

Just like Led strips, backlit mirror styles also produce warm and cool light temperatures. This complements your skin complexion. The lighting produced is high quality and will give off a flawless, pure, and all-round glow.

Adding a backlit mirror to your bathroom or any other space will make your bathroom stylish. The mirror also becomes an intense center of attraction with a touch of modernity, elegance, sophistication, or minimalism to your bathroom’s overall appearance.

The LED light tubes used in backlit mirrors consume less energy compared to incandescent light bulbs. This makes them energy-efficient, which earns you some money on your energy bill, and they last so much longer than regular bulbs.

3. LED Front-Lighted style 

LED Front-Lighted style 

Front-lighted LED mirrors do not mean the lED light is installed in front of the mirror. These are backlit mirrors produced with projection lighting that lights up the mirror’s outer surface as well.

Unlike the simple backlit style of tubes and led strip that produces their lighting with a soft glow around the mirror’s edges, front lighted LED mirrors produce their lighting by projecting it on the mirror’s surface.

The result is a brighter illumination and even glow along with the benefits that accompany using a lighted mirror. Front-lighted mirrors are produced with white light, which is very close to natural daylight. This improves how makeup is applied; hair is styled; clothes are selected and combined because the reflections are in their natural colors and conditions.

Front-lighted mirrors are attractive and stylish additions to your bathroom. Not only do they make the bathroom look modern or any space at that, they make your bathroom bright to create a relaxing ambiance and can also serve as the only light source in the bathroom.

4. LED wall lights

LED wall lights

If you are not a fan of LED lights on mirrors, you can still enjoy the experience and benefits of lighted mirrors with LED wall lights. This involves installing light bars by each side of the mirror. The lamp bars are produced with lots of light bulbs and mimic Hollywood style backstage vanity mirrors.

If you are not making a purchase, installing wall lights on your mirrors, require some level of expertise compared to installing led strips on the edges of your mirror. To connect LED wall lights, you will need to frame your mirror all round in a wood frame. If your mirror sports a frame, then there would be no need to install a new frame.

While installing a new frame, be careful, so you do not damage the frame or mirror by accident. Once the frame is set, you install the light bars by screwing them to the mirror’s frame. Once completed, connect to an electrical source or extension cords to get them powered.

Where to buy ready to use vanity mirror wit perfect lighting

Where to buy ready to use vanity mirror wit perfect lighting 

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