The Need to Finish an Antibiotics Prescription

It’s easy for you to think about not finishing your antibiotics prescription when you already start to feel better. If your doctor told you to take the entire prescription for five days or so, you have to abide by the recommendations faithfully.

Doctors won’t prescribe antibiotics for you if deemed unnecessary. However, if the illness arose because of a bacterial infection, your doctor will tell you to finish the prescribed medicine.

The problem is that as soon as you get better, you end up ditching the entire set of antibiotics given to you. In some instances, patients recover in just one day. It depends on how strong the prescription is.

Even if it’s tempting to stop, you shouldn’t. Your doctor told you to finish everything over five days, so you have to do so.

The reason behind the prescription

The primary reason for such a strict rule is that you want to kill the all bacteria that caused the problem in the first place. Cutting the medication off might not kill every ounce of bacteria in your body. As a result, the problem remains. There’s a chance that you could get ill again. The worst part is that the bacteria will be resistant to the same antibiotics in the future. If you become ill again due to a similar bacterial infection, the bacteria won’t die with the same prescription. You will have to move to a higher dosage or a different type of antibiotics. At some point, your body becomes resistant to all sorts of antibiotics. It means that there’s no way for you to recover with oral medication. Things could get complicated.

Ask your doctor

If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of taking your medicine when you have already healed, you have to ask your doctor. Perhaps, a more medical explanation might help you understand why you have to do it. You can also ask advice on how to avoid the same problem again in the future.

Be more careful next time

You could get a bacterial infection for a lot of reasons. It could be due to the type of food you eat. You could also get one because someone in your close circle got ill. Poor hygiene can also be a reason. Therefore, you need to be cautious about your actions next time, to avoid further infections.

Consult a doctor online

Antibiotics are prescription medicines. The good thing is that if you can’t consult with your local doctor, you can find online doctors. You can then buy antibiotics online. It’s an easy process. After the consultation, your doctor can prescribe the appropriate medicine and call the nearest pharmacy in your area. You can pick up the medicines at the nearest pharmacy, or you can wait for the delivery at your place.

You have to take a bacterial infection seriously. As soon as you feel ill and you have the common symptoms like fever and nausea, you have to see your doctor. Schedule an appointment immediately so you can recover soon.