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The Health Benefits of Apple Fruit for Cancer and Beauty

What are The Health Benefits of Apple Fruit for cancer and Beauty

An apple is the pomaceous fruit of the apple tree, Malus domestica of the rose family. It is one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits, and the most widely known of the many members of genus Malus that are used by humans.

Here are some The Health Benefits of Apple Fruit for Cancer and Beauty

Protecting bone
Research in France found that the flavonoids in apples called phloridzin beneficial for post-menopausal women protection from osteoporosis problems, and increase bone mass. Boron, another content of apples which also serves to strengthen the bones.

Recent studies show that a child who consumed apple juice every day on a regular basis have a very low risk of respiratory disorder than children who ate the apple juice once a month. In addition, other studies have also shown that children born to a mother who likes eating apples every day have a lower risk of developing asthma, compared to pregnant women who do not consume apple juice.

Preventing Al-zheimer
The study, conducted by Cornell University found that the quercetin content in apples may protect brain from harmful free radicals and trigger the disease Al-zheimer.

Lowering cholesterol levels

In this case the apple serves to reduce levels of bad cholesterol called LDL. A person who consumes the apples at least 2 times a day will lower their bad cholesterol levels by 16%

Preventing lung cancer

Based on studies conducted on 10,000 people, those who ate the most apples with quantity has a 50% lower risk of developing lung cancer. The researchers believe their contents flavonoid, quercetin, and naringin is what plays a role in preventing lung cancer.

Prevent Breast Cancer

A study conducted by Cornell University conducted experiments on mice, and mice that ate an apple a day in the risk of breast cancer have a 17% lower. While the mice who consumed the apple 3 times a day, have a lower risk of developing breast cancer by 39%. Although these experiments tested on mice, but it is also the same effect in humans.

Preventing colon cancer
From a study conducted in mice, rats fed an extract from apple skins had a 43% lower risk of developing cancer digestive tract. Based on research on the pectin content of apple was the one who pressed the digestive cancer risk, and help maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Prevent Liver Cancer
In addition, research is also done in mice, in addition to lowering the risk of gastrointestinal cancers, apple skin extract in mice also reduce the risk of liver cancer by 57%, due to the antioxidant content of apples, which has the function of detoxification.

controlling diabetes

The content of pectin in apples supplies galacturonic acid, which lowers the body’s need for insulin hormone releasing hormone-one of the causes of diabetes. This is because high insulin production lead to diabetes, therefore apples are also useful to control someone who is infected or has a genetic-factor talent diabetes.

Losing weight
Studies in Brazil showed that women who ate apples or pears a day for at least 3 blood money will lose weight faster than those who do not put fruit in the diet.

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