The Best Resistance Bands Workout For Your Booty

In the journey to health and fitness, resistance bands have become a rather uprising trend. The reason behind this is that resistance is needed to build muscle mass, no matter which part of your body. Through resistance bands, this could benefit your workouts tremendously in a way that equipment or dumbbells can’t do for you. In addition, resistance bands don’t apply heavy pressure as weights do, so this makes your workouts easier and much safer. In building mass, specifically in your booty, resistance bands have been proven to be effective, In this article, we’ll be talking about the best resistance bands workout for your booty.  You can visit to get your own resistance bands before trying out these exercises…

Glute Bridge

For this exercise, lie down on your yoga mat or the floor and wrap the resistance band around your thighs. Your feet should be wide apart and your hands just by your sides. This exercise requires you to lift your hips to the same height as your knees and lower it back down to the ground. It’s a great glute-activation exercise to build muscle in your booty. Keep your body structure steady for this exercise as your body should be aligned the entire time.

Donkey Kick

This is a rather popular workout move to target your glutes. For this exercise, wrap the resistance bands above your knees and go on an all-fours position. Gradually kick your right foot up, feeling the activation of your glutes. Try your best to keep your body stable and focus on lifting your leg while remaining the position of your hips. Once you’ve lifted your foot, gradually draw your leg back and do the same for your other foot. Do this exercise for as repetitions and sets as you prefer.

Fire Hydrant

As another popular move, this exercise is quite similar to the one above except you’ll open your knees to the side. Start with an all-fours position on your yoga mat and wrap the resistance band above your knees. Open your knees to the side while maintaining your body structure and gradually bring your knee back to where you started. Do the same for the other side and do this for as many repetitions and sets as you can.

Plank Jack

Unlike the exercises above, this is both a cardio and glutes-activation exercise. For this move, wrap the resistance band around your ankles and go into a high-plank position. Be careful as your wrists should be aligned and your hips should be on the same level as your spine. From this position, jump your feet apart and then go back to your starting position. Keep your core engaged the entire time while doing this specific exercise.

Kneeling Leg Lift

For this exercise, kneel on your yoga mat while extending your other leg to the side. Place your resistance band just above your knees and place your arm by your side. Start by lifting your extended leg towards the ceiling and gradually putting it back down. Make sure that you don’t do this too fast as this is an exercise that activates both your core and your glutes. Do the same for the other side and repeat this for as many times as you prefer.

Banded Clam Shell

Lie down on your yoga mat, with one hand on the floor and one hand on your hips. Place the resistance band above your waist and start by lifting your knee open. Try your best to keep your core engaged the entire time and maintaining your body structure. Do the same for the other side and do this for as many times as you can.

Lateral Band Walk

This is much more challenging than it looks, but it’s effective in building muscle in your booty. For this move, place the resistance band above your knees and go on a squat position. Start by taking a step to the right and closing your feet with your left foot. Take three steps to the right and do this again for the left side- this counts as one repetition.

In conclusion, I hope this article was able to shed insight on workouts for your booty using resistance bands. If you’re looking for a resistance band to use for your booty workouts, you can check these booty bands to help improve your workouts, whether in the gym or at home.