Ten Benefits of an Elliptical Machine

This contrivance is extremely popular in any gym, and the demand is logical. There are many considerable benefits delivered by this type of cardio machinery, whether at home or in a fitness club.

The elliptical trainer is used for the so-called low-impact exercise. Check expert elliptical machine reviews to learn about the most credible brands in the field and the most useful features of such products. Here are the key advantages for any user.

1. Let the calories burn

This is a requisite for weight loss. The elliptical for home allows you to achieve the goal much sooner. Generally, half an hour of use results in 300-400 calories burnt, depending on the initial weight.


2. Get rid of that fat

As the calories dissipate, it also helps you lose more fat in a shorter time span. To ensure maximum results, take advantage of the interval scheme. You could follow this sequence: 30 seconds of high-intensity – 15 seconds of recovery. The latter means you keep moving your legs but slow down.


3. Engage the whole body

Models with handles allow us to train both upper and lower sections of the body. It is crucial to ensure the weight and resistance are distributed evenly, so arms must be moved as fast as legs.


4. Ramp up your stamina

Cardio exercises, otherwise known as aerobic, are an indispensable element of any balanced workout. As the name suggests, they cause the oxygen in your blood to be circulated between your heart, lungs, and muscles more energetically. This makes them stronger and boosts endurance overall. In fact, even a 10-minute interval cardio workout can bring visible results, according to an NPR report.


5. Protect your joints from harm

Running is notorious for putting excessive pressure on athletes’ joints and causing injuries due to their overuse. With the machine, the impact is softened – hence the low-impact term.

6. Do targeted work

By adjusting the incline and resistance, you manage pressure applied to certain muscles. Hence, you can target your glutes, quads, hamstrings, or calves.

7. Gain better balance

Elliptical training is not just about weight and endurance. Of course, your muscles and bones get stronger. But if you try letting go of the handles (keeping the incline and resistance low), you will feel your balance getting better as the core becomes fitter.

8. Regain strength

Injuries prevent us from engaging in our regular exercise routines. However, you can still work on your fitness with the help of the elliptical machine. Being low-impact, it does not harm your joints. Not only will you gradually regain full range of motion, but your muscles and joints will become stronger.

9. Easy to learn

First-time users quickly grasp the rules of using the machine. However, it is always best to receive professional guidance from a certified coach. You may be provided with important advice tailored to your individual fitness goals. A coach may also correct your posture. As a result, you will use the machine and pick routines correctly in accordance with your current physical condition.

10. It is not monotonous

If you have never used an elliptical machine, you may think this type of exercise is repetitive and boring. There may be a wide range of pre-programmed routines. You may opt for climbing uphill, doing intervals, or something more challenging.