The Amazing Health Benefits of Spinach

Raw spinach in a wooden bowl

Spinach is generally regarded as a healthy food, but we might not know all of its benefits. It’s widely known  that spinach is a major source of iron, while the Popeye cartoon has long upheld the belief that this vegetable provides our bodies with a lot of strength. Having said that, we … Read more

Health Benefits of Peaches That may Surprise You

Peaches in a bag

Peaches are a type of small fruit, with sweet flesh that’s either yellow or white in appearance. The peel is fuzzy and can be easily taken off, though some people prefer to eat it as well. While the fruit itself might be quite common, there are several health benefits that highlight the … Read more

Can Iron-Rich Foods Make You Smarter?

Assorted foods on a table, including lobster, beef, lamb liver, oysters, nuts, and seeds

Iron deficiency has been a major health problem for many people of all ages in many countries. Around the world, about 2.5 billion people are afflicted with iron deficiency. It affects a large number of women and children, even in developing countries. Effects of Iron Deficiency to the Brain Everybody knows that … Read more