How Does a Calorie Deficit Diet Plan Work Wonders on Weight Management?

Losing weight is a struggle for many, especially if we have some sort of medical issue. However, many people who have lost weight in a sustainable manner report that the results were due to consuming less calories, exercising more, and generally eating healthier. There has also been talk of following a calorie deficit diet plan … Read more

What are Tamarillos and Why Are They Worth Adding to Your Diet?

A clump of three orange tamarillos.

It is always an exciting moment when you learn of a new edible plant you may not have known about before. The anticipation of what it tastes like, in addition to the new possibilities it opens up regarding new dishes and recipes you can now make. Or, simply the fact that you potentially have something … Read more

What Are Tamarinds and Are They Worth Adding to Your Diet?

A pile of raw, unopened tamarind fruit shells.

If you like discovering new healthy food items that you can add to your diet for delicious and medically beneficial reasons, then you might want to read up on tamarinds. Nature is full of fruits and vegetables that are both excellent for consumption and taste good as well. And of course, if you don’t feel … Read more

The Most Famous Dieting Fads of All Time

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In the past years, there are lots of dieting fads that have gained huge popularity because weight loss became one of the main health worries of people. These popular diets vary from slightly reasonable to absolutely insane. Even though they differ in processes, they all focus on major weight loss without an emphasis on exercise … Read more

The History of Dieting

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Did you know that Americans spend more than $61 billion a year on diet products? If this is the case, why do you think most people continue to struggle in achieving a healthy lifestyle if they spend so much on diet books, diet pills, meal replacement products, diet foods, and diet fads that can help … Read more

3 Awesome Protein Substitutes on a Vegan Diet

3 Awesome Protein Substitutes on a Vegan Diet

Over the centuries the idea that we need meat in order to power the body has become accepted as fact by many. As a result, there is a widespread perception that if you don’t eat meat, protein deficiency is bound to result. The reality is that, so long as you get a variety of plant … Read more

5 Reasons Why CBD Should Be Part of Your Regular Diet

If you’ve heard anything about CBD, you’ve probably heard about the heated debate between whether or not CBD can really provide the benefits people have been raving about. Issues over its legality and its association with the drug, marijuana, have presented limits to its growth as an industry. But ultimately, with compounding anecdotal evidence, CBD … Read more

Best Supplements for Dog’s Diet

Best Supplements for Dog's Diet

Using healthy compounds like vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals can be a great way to supplement your dog’s diet. Some supplements work well for senior dogs while others are designed to help with specific health concerns. The following is some information on some of the best supplements available on the market for dogs. Glucosamine  Wondering what … Read more