Should You Retire in Lombard?

When residents of Chicago retire, they usually choose to live in the suburbs. The most popular choices are the villages of Lombard and Elmhurst. The locations of both are in the county of DuPage.

Lombard boasts of a small-town feeling, an environment attractive to seniors who prefer living at a slower pace. However, growing older also means the necessity for urgent care Lombard to address medical emergencies. The community of Lombard was built to address the needs of seniors.

Why do people retire in Lombard?

Commitment to Health Care

Some of the best doctors and specialists educated at The National University of Health Sciences are based right in Lombard. There is also a wide range of health care services offered.

Walk-in clinics provide excellent urgent care every day. Aside from the convenience of making online appointments and payments, having primary care services and onsite pharmacies in one building reduces trips.

In addition to the clinics, some institutions provide overnight home care services in DuPage county. The presence of caregivers gives peace of mind that seniors have someone onsite in case there is a need for immediate assistance.

Seniors who live on their own may need help in grocery shopping and preparing meals. A home meal delivery service has a team of volunteers to pack and deliver meals to homebound seniors. A registered dietician administers low-salt and low-cholesterol meals. The facility accommodates special requirements for people with diabetes and pureed meals. 


 According to the US Census of 2017, around 19% of the adults in Lombard are over the age of 65. Annual fairs for seniors are events to promote camaraderie. For this year’s event, they received flu shots, chair massages, and health-related tests.

Seniors look forward to the proclamation of the senior man and woman of the year. Based on their contributions to the community, the judges select winners.

Places to visit

 The village of Lombard is rich in historical buildings like the Little Orphan Annie House, Historical Museum, and the Maple Street Church.

Popular places to bring the grandchildren are Safari Land, Paradise Bay Water Park, and the national park Willowbrook Wildlife Centre.  You can also always consider options like retirement villages in Brisbane as well.


 Getting around the village is easy. There are programs to reduce the fare of seniors who take taxis or ride public transportation.

There are up to 15 transportation service providers in Lombard. Drivers, who are also health care providers, can drive seniors around for social events and trips to hospitals and clinics. In case of emergency, the drivers can also provide urgent care in Lombard.

If the senior is up to it, they can avail of the extensive public transportation that Chicago is famous for – the L trains. The Pace system, also accessible from the Pace app, runs a reliable bus system around Lombard.

Cost of living

 In terms of the overall cost of living index, Lombard is in the middle. Although it is 15% higher than the average of cities in Illinois, this is mainly due to housing, goods, and services.

However, the good news is that healthcare, food, utilities, and transportation are only about 10% above the national average. Healthcare is a priority for seniors.

Moreover, its proximity to Chicago also gives access to big-city goods and services without having to endure their noise and traffic.

Based on the reasons above, Lombard is one of the best places to retire. Families and guardians do not need to worry. Seniors will enjoy the best of healthcare in this village.