Psychic Healing

Do you ever feel stuck or confused but you can’t really put your finger on it? Sometimes we go to the doctor and rule out medical issues but still wind up feeling “off.” Often this is the result of negative energies that are stuck in your aura. Trauma and stress can actually manifest in the physical body as pain. When your discomfort does not have a medical explanation and doesn’t respond to medical treatment, psychic healing is what you need to try next.

What is psychic healing?

Psychic healing is an energetic way of bringing you health and balance. It can be applied to any area of your life. A trained psychic healer will focus his or her healing energies toward another person in order to relieve pain, discomfort, stress or many other ills. They harness the beneficial energies and use them to drive out or transform any dark or stuck energy that are manifesting in your body or aura. Once the auric field is set right your symptoms will also dissipate.

What is psychic energy?

There are many different kinds of energy and some have not even been identified or discovered yet. The most common types of energy are potential, kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical, nuclear, etc. Psychic energy is more elusive and scientists have not yet been able to clearly measure it, but the evidence of its existence is all around us.

We know that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but what we can do with energy is manipulate it and transform it. Psychic energy is an energy that we control with our minds via our thoughts. In the same way that thoughts can impact our surroundings through the law of attraction and the power of setting intentions, this kind of energy can be harnessed and directed for healing by a professional psychic healer. Try online psychic reading to know if it can ease your pain or discomfort in life.

What can psychic healing do for me?

A psychic healer can put their healing energies toward anything that you need, but some common objectives include releasing stuck emotions from your body or removing toxins. Both of these can cause feelings of guilt, shame, or depression. They can also lead to anxiety. Basically, when your energies are accumulating and put your aura out of balance, negative symptoms will manifest. Stuck energy can even lead to physical pain.

When we free the flow of energy through your body and aura, the pathways of the physical body will also be freed. This will lead to improved circulation and also general improvements in terms of sleep and a general sense of wellbeing.

What are the different types of psychic healing?

Psychic healings can be put into three basic categories. Those that target the spiritual realm, those that focus on the physical body, and those that concentrate on balancing the mind. There are many subcategories that follow, and there are also different tools and practices that psychic healers utilize.

Tools for psychic healing

Psychic healers can use tools such as crystals and herbs, which can have healing effects on the spirit, body, and mind. Popular ‘touch-based” practices such as Reiki are excellent for relieving pain and other physical ailments. Shamanic healers work in the spiritual realm and their methods have been used for thousands of years. Other practitioners call upon their Angel guides to bring healing energy to their patients.

EMF Protection Crystals

With the digital technology we have today, the human body now absorbs many electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). It can disrupt homeostasis and decrease immunity, causing stress and disease. 

It’s a good thing that EMF protection crystals are available. But what are these crystals, and how do they work? Are they effective in blocking radiation and other EMF sources?

Crystals are considered one of the excellent ways to shield yourself from electromagnetic frequencies. The molecular structure of crystals absorbs EMFs, which lessens what hits your energy fields. These crystals bring harmony and energy to the body, helping the immune system eliminate radiation.

EMF crystals absorb and neutralize frequencies brought about by gadgets and other harmful electromagnetic sources. You’ll find a lot of crystals used for EMF protection, such as shungite, fulgurite, black tourmaline, aventurine, amazonite, fulgurite, fluorite, flint, and aegirine.

Here are the benefits of some of the examples of EMF protection crystals:

  • Pyrite: It’s an iron-containing or ferromagnetic stone that can absorb radiation. It’s a highly protective stone that deflects harmful energies, shielding the body against toxins, infection, pollutants, and EMFs. 
  • Tourmalinated Quartz: It’s a powerful combination of iron-containing Black Tourmaline and the amplifier Clear Quartz, which neutralizes radiation. 
  • Shungite: It contains all of the elements on the periodic table, giving a powerful anti-oxidative and energy protective properties. It’s a famous healing stone made from carbon, with the ability to filter out electromagnetic frequencies, viruses, bacteria, and radioactive substances. 
  • Bloodstone: It’s a type of Jasper, promoting strength, vitality, and protection, which is a ground root chakra stone, bringing you back to the center. This crystal eliminates toxins and optimizes bodily function, fighting off the effects of internet signals and EMF. It also boosts the immune system, improves mood, and promotes fertility and healthy bone marrow.

What is certain is that all of these practices use the same energetic force called psychic energy, and all of them are interrelated. When you bring your spirit back into balance, your body will also benefit, and vice versa. Psychic healing can be done remotely as well, so do check out your online options if you don’t have a selection of psychic healers in your area. There are many professionals online that are available to help you to improve your life.