Lifestyle changes that help keep seniors active and healthy

As you get older, it can be easy to let things slide when it comes to your lifestyle. You might feel a little more comfortable at home or have physical limitations as to what you can do on an everyday basis. However, keeping on top of your health is one of the most crucial things to be mindful of as you enter later life.

While we all wish we had the energy of our twenty-year-old selves, time has other plans. Luckily, there are several ways you can improve your activity and maintain your health as a senior and here, we will explore just a few examples of that.

Being mindful of your diet

This goes without saying and is something you should really do at all stages of your life; watch what you eat. Although this might sound a little obvious, your diet is one of the major contributing factors to your overall health.

Ideally, you should be looking at cutting back on food high in saturated fat and turn instead to fruits, vegetables and whole grains as well as dairy and lean meats. Similarly, make sure you’re well hydrated. Not drinking enough fluid can lead to light-headedness, fatigue and dry eyes.

As we get older, keeping check of what we’re putting in our body will help to prevent or deter future health-related problems, like diabetes, for example.

Keeping active

While we might not be able to run as far or for as long as we used to, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep active. Staying active while you’re older is crucial as it can help to lower your risk of obesity, heart disease and even some types of cancer.

While there are endless physical benefits of staying active, there are also many mental wellbeing positives too. Exercise facilitates happier moods and promotes deeper sleep, which both leave you feeling more energised.

Be realistic with yourself

While we might not want to, there’s no shame in admitting when something becomes too difficult for us to manage. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness and will improve the quality of your life quicker than if you choose to stay silent.

For example, a lot of senior’s resist making home adaptions such as railing or stairlifts. This isn’t only going to cause you more chronic, physical pain but it’s also quite distressing for your family members who are trying to make your life easier.

It doesn’t have to be something major either. Even something as simple as getting yourself some supported slippers from places like Mobility Solutions can make your home life more comfortable.

Stay social

We all know that loneliness is one of the biggest threats to seniors. The correlation between poor mental health and loneliness is unavoidable but fortunately there are plenty of ways to combat this.

Maybe you can volunteer within your local community, join a club or see if there are any social events for seniors happening in your area?

Anything that gets your out of the house and interacting with people will help to reduce your feeling of loneliness and will give you the chance to form lasting relationships with other people your age.

Changing aspects of your lifestyle require thought and attention but that doesn’t mean they’re impossible. Your lifestyle choices can massively change both your mental and physical health, both of which are incredibly important in older age.

Lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight but with a little bit of effort here and there, you will slowly work towards a healthier and happier life in your twilight years.