Is Positive Thinking the Key to Happy Life? Here’s What Experts Say

Are you a glass half full or half empty type of person? The vast majority of people try to see the glass full. In fact, one survey said that 88% of people consider themselves positive.

Positive thinking is a crucial element to achieving happiness in life. Your positivity ripples to many facets of life, including health, relationships, and more.

Read on to learn how positivity and happiness are linked. Explore the roots of positive psychology and how to stay happy and positive in your daily life.

What Is Positive Psychology?

For a long time, the field of psychology only focused on the negative. It was almost exclusively focused on patients with mental health issues. Two prominent examples are anxiety and depression.

Instead of waiting until a mental health issue rears its ugly head, psychologists are now focusing on positivity. The focus shifts to building on strengths instead of repairing issues. While there is still a place for treating mental health issues, positive psychology serves as a complement in the field.

What Are Some Examples of Positive Thinking?

Researchers are confident that positive thinking improves health outcomes and life expectancy. There are a number of examples of positive thinking that lead to an improved health condition.

For instance, life satisfaction and frequent optimism lead to positive health outcomes. People who are optimistic and satisfied are less likely to deal with the negative health outcomes associated with stress.

Forgiveness is another great example. Holding a grudge is like carrying a weight around your neck. It adds recurring stress and anxiety to your life.

By forgiving someone, you release the negative feelings that eventually produce poor health outcomes.

Spirituality and religiosity are also associated with positive thinking. We all know people wearing Christian necklaces or Hijabs who are super positive. This spirituality pays off as surveys show it increases life expectancy rates.

Some other examples are helping others, volunteering, and maintaining good social relationships. These activities help you find meaning in life and leverage the positivity of others.

How Can I Become More Positive?

Many people are curious about how to stay happy and positive. There are a few different ways to bring more positivity to your life.

Individuals and businesses are placing a new emphasis on wellness. This concept encourages people to perform tasks and activities that improve physical and mental health.

These activities including exercise, which releases endorphins that make you feel good. But not all activities require physical fitness. Yoga and meditation are two other examples that focus on spirituality and positive vibes.

Another effective strategy is to talk with a counselor. They will help reinforce positive psychology and help you focus on the things in life that you should be grateful for.

Find Positivity and Happiness During a Difficult Time

Positivity does not come easy for some people. This is especially true in the midst of a global pandemic and economic hard times.

You can work on attaining it by joining social groups or exercising. Making this lifestyle change is scientifically proven to increase happiness.

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