How Yoga Helps College Students in Their Academics

Learning is a long and complex process. The occurrence of certain complications is simply inevitable. Students face different challenges and look for different methods to cope with them. Thus, yoga may become a great solution if you use it correctly.

This method doesn’t work as direct assistance. For example, you can turn to some urgent essay writing service whose academic writers will help you to manage any piece of writing exactly as you demand. Yoga works differently and its benefits can be reaped in some time. Nevertheless, if you make it your constant habit, it will remain with you forever and so, will always support you. It can help adults, as well as children. Let’s check what it is capable of.

Enhanced Flexibility

Several studies, mentioned on, prove that yoga helps to improve flexibility, balance, and strength. These styles are called Vinyasa, Flow, and others. The styles are pretty hard because you ought to constantly move and change poses. These activities ensure healthy body-weight and provide more energy. Your body becomes stronger and clear. These styles help to get rid of bad habits. However, the styles are easily adjustable for people who cannot endure them. They can be practiced in lighter modes.

Academic Improvement

A study, carried out by the International Journal of Yoga, showed positive outcomes for students in their academics. 300 students were involved in it and the study lasted for 7 weeks. All the students reported that they felt almost no stress and it allowed for focusing on their academic assignments. Thus, they improved their academic scores.

Enhanced Memory

The Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology conducted its own research. It divided children into three groups with different methods of training. One of them was yoga. Children out of the yoga group showed much better results in memorizing different things. In the meanwhile, two other groups with different methods showed no changes in the memory capacity of children. Accordingly, yoga definitely enhances our memory. It’s essential to practice deep breathing, meditation, mindfulness and the rituals, which are done to cleanse our body and mind.

Reduction of Stress

One of the most typical and surely the most important benefits of yoga is the influence on our mental state. All the styles of yoga help to relieve stress. Simultaneously, it sustains our mood, turns on a positive attitude, promotes motivation to learn, makes us more self-reliant, etc. Mind that it also helps to reduce conflict between people because such students have clear thoughts free of anger, hatred, and similar negative emotions.

Improved Posture and Physicality

Various forms of yoga also improve our physical state. Some forms, like Bikram, are quite hard to undergo. It demands exercising in a room heated about 100 degrees. Nevertheless, the outcomes are worth your suffering. It helps to purify your body from toxins, reduces pain in the back, neck, etc. Besides, this form is effective against headaches and pains induced by carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga also teaches to sit still in one posture and don’t experience any inconvenience in the body.

Greater Concentration

Another study, published in the Indian Journal of Community Medicine, revealed proof that practicing yoga promotes a better concentration, which is crucial in learning for every student. It involved medical students. The results showed that students had improved sleep, relieved stress, and improved the ability to focus on their academic goals.

Choose Your Style

You should also recognize different styles of yoga. Each has certain similarities, as well as differences. For example, prenatal yoga helps pregnant women. Therefore, you should know what each style demands from you to execute and how beneficial it may be. Thus, you can identify the most suitable style to overcome your problems. Here are 11 major styles or forms of yoga:

  1. Hatha;
  2. Iyengar;
  3. Kundalini;
  4. Ashtanga;
  5. Vinyasa;
  6. Bikram;
  7. Yin;
  8. Restorative yoga;
  9. Prenatal yoga;
  10. Anusara;
  11. Jivamukti.

Opinions of People

It’s worth mentioning people who have passed the classes of yoga. These were either students or their parents who shared positive impressions about how their children improved their mental and physical states. Let’s see what they think:

  • Amanda Drew claims that practicing yoga helps to improve your posture. It builds muscles, makes them flexible, and strong. The pain surely goes away because your muscles aren’t stiff anymore.
  • Jhoei states that yoga is the best stress reliever. It helps to clear our minds and take away different worries and nervous tensions.
  • Deb Pearl told the story of her daughter who had problems with learning because of abnormal stress. She suggested her daughter undertake yoga classes. The girl was impressed because it really helped to get rid of stress and anxiety. It helped to maintain a better concentration on academics and so, the girl improved her grades.

As you can see, people didn’t even believe that yoga can help. These are only a few opinions that prove positive outcomes of practicing yoga. Our article is also based on official studies and proofs, which can be easily checked by visiting the hyperlinks we have placed for you. Yoga is really worth a try. If you’re a student who has problems with concentration, memory, learning in general, some physical pain or anxiety, you should give it a chance. Try several types to define the most suitable one and solve your problems with pleasure.