How to Create a Video Intro with Intro Maker?

Creating a video for marketing your company, product, or service? Videos have been shown to have amazing engagement and are more likely to be seen by the customer as compared to a wordy brochure or one-pager. Some of the fantastic benefits of video marketing are:

  1. Users are four times more likely to watch a product video than read about it.
  2. 8 out of 10 users purchased software after watching the brand’s video.
  3. 88% of marketers claim to be satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts.

As with any content, the introduction is one of the essential elements of a video. A solid introduction to your video will get the audience rattled and interested to know more about you if you provide relevant content; and if you get them hooked to the intro, the audience is less likely to drop-off. So, if you are creating a stellar video intro, here are some easy steps to help you out:

Introduce your brand through the intro

Since the introduction is when you have your audience in rapt attention, leverage this opportunity to provide the most critical information first. Introduce your brand, but ensure it is subtle and doesn’t seem like a promotion. Focus, instead, on the benefits and customer story to create a user story, and highlight the key items to get the viewer interested in knowing more.

To start:

  1. Jot down the key take away you want your viewers to remember when they watch the video. Make sure this comes out subtly in your introduction and the ending.
  2. Although your video and audio will tell the story, highlight your essential points in the video through text overlays. This brings additional focus on the vital message and helps those who may have the audio on mute. 

Make your intro catchy & informative

An intro video is a great way to build excitement and acts as a warmup for your audience. Instead of directly going to the crux of your matter, start simply and move on to the main point gradually. Doing so, naturally, and in a similar vein as you would in a normal conversation helps your audiences connect with your message easily.

As in ordinary life, use the intro to greet, showcase important highlights, and gradually move the focus on the primary subject matter. It gives the audience some time to get interested and get tuned to what’s coming next.

Leverage the power of animations and special effects to garner interest

The visual appeal of your video can increase virality and get the audience interested since it makes it more likely that the audience will click and watch it. So, while you are using your brand logo and colours, blend it with a very appealing visual imagery that is subtle but gets attention. Also, add animations and visual effects to your video to give it a professional cut, without taking the user’s attention away from your content. Using animations that blend with the story, or suggest the start of a new topic, can add to the appeal of the video. 

Most of the top intro maker tools like Invideo intro video maker, for example, have features like power transitions, intelligent frames, and other effects that can enhance the appeal of your video. However, tread lightly, as overdoing it will put off the viewer, especially if the video is meant for a professional purpose.

Use sounds to your advantage

As is the trend with most videos nowadays, a subtle tune or background sound can add to the appeal of the video. It helps enhance the message and adds flair instead of the mundane narration. However, if you are using a background tune, keep in mind that:

  1. The tune does not dilute the main message or theme of your video; e.g., Using a tune that is unprofessional for a product or brand video dilutes the core message.
  2. The tune is not too loud or distracting. The focus has to stay on the content of your video rather than the song.
  3. The tune is not taken off another song or is identified as a plagiarized tune. If your theme is found to be copied or taken off from another song, you may have to pay hefty fines. Worse, your video would be taken down on popular video sharing sites or even get you banned.

Ideally, select from the many free tracks available in the intro maker music library, which are licensed to be used for personal and commercial purposes.

Plus, creating a video intro no longer takes expertise in coding or knowledge of video editing software, as there is an excellent variety of online intro creator software available these days.

Treat your intro as your visiting card

When you meet someone for the first time and want to keep in touch, you instantly take their contact details or provide your visiting card. So why not do it with your intro videos too? Interested audiences should be encouraged to get in touch with you or complete a particular call-to-action (CTA). The CTA could vary depending on the purpose of your video, and should also be part of the video introduction. Meanwhile, make sure you give out your contact details like email, website, phone number, etc. so the target audience can get in touch with you!

There are several subtle ways to add this information to the video. Use a template to add your contact information at the bottom of your video or highlight it when required. Doing so will help ensure that the text won’t break the storyline of your video.

If this is your first-time marketing using video content, start by using promo video templates of your brand and offerings. These video introductions provide a teaser to your audience and will help you gauge the reaction of your target audience. 

So, choose an intro video maker that is the best fit for your needs and unleash your creativity with these simple steps to create a solid video introduction!