How Chiropractic Care Can Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is something that most people commonly experience. It can be due to an injury, activity, or some medical conditions. It can affect people of any age and for different reasons. The chance of developing back pain also increases as people get older. It can also be due to different factors, such as previous occupation and degenerative disk disease.  Its definitely important to find out what causes back pain.

If you are suffering from back pain, there are many remedies that you can try to relieve the pain. For example, you can do some exercises that will get your muscles moving, use heat and cold, do some stretching, apply pain-relief creams, practice proper posture, and more. But aside from those, one treatment option is chiropractic care, like what Chiropractic Dallas offers.

Many people who are looking for back pain relief alternatives choose chiropractic treatment. In fact, about 22 million Americans visit chiropractors every year, and 35% of them are seeking relief from back pain due to different causes, including sports injuries, accidents, and muscle strains. With this, how do you think chiropractic care helps in relieving back pain? If you’re curious and want to try it soon, read on to know more about how it works.

What is Chiropractic Care or Treatment?

Chiropractic care or treatment is performed by chiropractors by using their hands-on spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments. The theory of this treatment is that the proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure of the body, specifically the spine, will allow the body to heal itself without any medication or surgery.

In chiropractic care, manipulation is used to restore mobility to joints restricted by tissue injury due to a traumatic event, like falling or repetitive stress like sitting without any proper back support. This treatment is mainly used as a pain relief alternative for muscles, bones, joints, and connective tissues, like tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. It is also sometimes performed in conjunction with conventional medical treatments.  Be sure to check out great options like  

How Is Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain Done?

If you go to a chiropractor for back pain treatment, they will first take your medical history and perform a physical examination. Sometimes, lab tests or diagnostic imaging is also used to determine if chiropractic treatment is appropriate for your back pain.

For back pain, the treatment plan may involve one or more manual adjustments where the doctor will manipulate the joints via a controlled, sudden force to improve the range and quality of motion. There are also many chiropractors who include nutritional counseling and exercise or rehabilitation into their treatment plan.

The goals of chiropractic treatment, aside from back pain relief, include the restoration of function and prevention of injury. Chiropractic can also be used for vertigo treatment in Singapore.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

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Aside from simple relief from back pain, there are many other benefits that you can get from chiropractic care or treatment. Here are some of them:

  • Chiropractic care is a powerful way to get rid of the pain

If you are feeling a sharp pain in your lower back regions, instead of reaching for medicines, consider scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor. Based on studies, chiropractic care can aid in reducing pain better than any medications. It can help in the relief or even the treatment of some health and body issues, such as lower back pain, headaches, frozen shoulder syndrome, scoliosis, neck pain, and more.

  • Chiropractic care is a treatment that focuses on the source of pain

There are a lot of pain relief medications out there that only attack the symptoms but not the source of pain. But with chiropractic treatment, it aids in reversing some of the causes of the pain. Chiropractic care is not the go-to treatment for everything, but it can help in curing a wide range of health and body issues. Chiropractors ensure that they focus on the cause of the pain found in the nervous system of the body.

The nervous system is what controls things, such as the reflexive responses of the body. This includes breathing and even the smallest movements that people make. Since the nerves are connected to the spine and radiate throughout the body, then ensuring spine health is important to the overall well-being of people.

  • Chiropractic care does not involve any medication

When you take medicines, you can get relief or treatment from a health issue, like back pain. However, this also might mean that you have to deal with other concerns, such as side effects. It’s because many medications bring both positive and negative effects.

Therefore, if you wish to get relieved from aches and pains without suffering from any side effects, then considering chiropractic care is great. Chiropractors always use a drug-free approach, resulting in a holistic form of treatment. It helps people have a healthy body without any risk of side effects.

  • Chiropractic care or treatment is not just for the back

One of the most common misconceptions about chiropractic care is that the procedures are only for the back. But chiropractic care can be used to treat pain in the neck, knee, hip, shoulder, and any tissue throughout the body. Therefore, if you are feeling any pain in these areas, you can definitely go to a chiropractor.


Overall, we can say that chiropractic care is indeed a great option when it comes to relieving and treating back pain, and as well as pain in other parts of the body. It is also safe because all treatment is based on an accurate diagnosis of your back pain. Just make sure that the chiropractor is well-informed about your medical history, especially if you have an ongoing medical condition, current medications, traumatic or surgical history, and other lifestyle factors. And to be safe, always check with your doctor to ensure that your condition will benefit from chiropractic care.