History and Meaning of National Dog Day

A dog can indeed be your best friend. There are many things about dogs’ personalities that help create a strong bond between a person and a pet. They love unconditionally and are loyal.

Whatever breed you have, you must be filled with joy 24/7. There are dog lovers all around the world, and that’s why it has been created a National Dog Day. On this, they are celebrated no matter the breed nor size.

They have deserved these twenty-four hours because not only that, they are loyal, but they can also help support people who need help. Deaf, disabled or blind people often rely on dogs to lead the way and be by there side. That’s precisely why people felt that there should be a day where we should give something back to dogs. Follow the link to find more about this topic https://www.timesnownews.com/mirror-now/in-focus/article/international-dog-day-2020-history-purpose-and-how-to-celebrate/642903.

Meaning of National Dog day

Meaning of National Dog day

As mentioned before, this is a special time dedicated only to dogs. Although we should pay attention to our pets every minute, this day is incredibly special for dogs. It is just the right time to give something back to the soul who has been selflessly caring about you.

But this is not the only reason for the birth of National Dog Day. A large number of puppies are left on the street on a daily basis and need to be saved. Having these twenty-four hours focused on dogs makes it is easier to bring the public attention to one place and point out the importance of taking care of every pet.

Paying tribute to these pets is essential for those who own a pet but also for those who are not well informed about this topic. These animals, if taken care of, can protect as and would put our safety before theirs.

They can detect bombs or drugs or even save someone from a situation that could potentially be tragic. Leaving them on the street makes them vulnerable and are at risk of being run over. This is a popular topic worldwide, and this national day has a goal to point out to everyone the need to work together to save these heroic animals.

History of National Dog day

Colleen Paige, animal rescue, in 2004, decided to create this day in the United States of America. She and her family adopted a dog on the 26th of August, which is why she was inspired by this particular date. Therefore, the 26th of August is a great day to celebrate your dog if you own one.

She adopted the pet from a shelter home, and that is when she realized how much more should be done to resolve the issue. Being able to take care of only one pet, she decided to turn to the world for help and show them the real situation.

And what is better than having a national day for the most adorable pets in the world than having their own day? This has attracted a lot of attention, and many people have adopted a pet due to her initiative.

Celebrating dog day in the best way

The first thing you need to do is see if your dog is happy and has everything it needs. Then you can celebrate this day by making a donation to a local shelter.

Search for shelters nearby and see if there is any that need financial help. Even if it’s volunteer work, you can offer your help to contribute to this cause. The best way to celebrate it is to provide a home to one of these incredible animals. Learn more here.

If you are missing a companion, this is the right move for you. Adopting instead of shopping is saving a puppy from the street and bringing it into a home. Being part of this process will make you feel better and also the pet!

Moreover, you won’t be saving one puppy; you will be actually saving two. The one you bring home will open a place in the shelter for another that need to be taken to safety. It is needless to say how important it is to provide shelter for these adorable pets.