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Health Benefits of Eating Rose apple or Water Apple

What are the Health benefits of an Eating Rose apple or Water Apple

Rose apple is a name applied to any group of fruits of this genus, but should only be known by the Indian/Malay name of “jambu“. Jambu has a Sanskrit origin and is applied in Malaysia and Indonesia to several quite different fruits. In Malaysia, it generally means cultivated fruits as opposed to those in the wild; but it is most often used to refer to fruits from this particular genus. The same holds true in Indonesia, except that the word can refer to plants of other genera. For example, “jambu batu” (stone jambu) refers to the guava, while “jambu met” means the cashew fruit. Rose apples are indigenous to Southeast Asia or the Indian subcontinent. They do bear a superficial resemblance to apples, but are quite different to eat.

What are the Health Benefits of Rose apple

Here are some Health benefits of an Eating Rose apple “Jambu Air” for your body :

1. Controlling Diabetes
Jambosine is a type of alkaloid that has shown promising results in blocking or regulate the conversion of starch to sugar. This is a very important development for people with diabetes and those at risk of developing diabetes. Further research is underway on jambosine impact on blood sugar control.

2. Healthy Digestion
High fiber content of the Rose Apple makes the body more easily regulate the passage of food through the digestive tract, relieve constipation as it is also found in the benefits of guava. As well as traditional medicine on the part of the seed that has been used to prevent diarrhea and dysentery.

3. Prevention of Cancer
Active organic compounds in the Rose Apple that contains the benefits of vitamin C and the benefits of vitamin A, has been known as a cancer treatment and effective prevention. Initial research and traditional medicine claim that prostate cancer and breast cancer, reduced by adding Rose Apple to diet.

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4. Detoxification
For hundreds of years, stew Rose Apple has been used as a diuretic agent, which helps to cleanse the liver and kidney toxicity. In addition, to improve the overall health and efficiency of the body’s metabolism.

5. Healthy Heart
The combination of fiber and nutrients in the Rose Apple has shown a significant effect on cholesterol levels. In research studies leading to a lower likelihood of atherosclerosis of rose water, thus preventing cardiovascular complications such as heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart disease.

6. Boost Immune System
Active and stable component in the Rose Apple has been associated with antimicrobial and antifungal effects. Research has shown that it is, can protect the skin from the development of various infections, which can increase the strength of the immune system against infectious diseases.

7. keeping Beauty
The content of vitamin C in fruit Rose Apple was able to maintain the beauty of the skin so as to avoid premature aging and can keep the skin to stay moist. In addition, Rose Apple also has antioxidants that can counteract the free radicals caused by pollution.

8. refreshing body
Rose Apple which has a very high water content, almost 93% of the whole fruit. Therefore, Rose Apple can cool the body because of the heat in or as a result of the sun. Rose Apple also meet the needs of fluid in the body, so avoid dehydration.

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