Getting Ready for Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic operations are more popular than ever, and countless patients are now enjoying the many benefits of different treatments and procedures. If you have decided that you might be interested in plastic surgery, then you are probably wondering what the process is going to be like. While every patient has a slightly different experience, there are some simple steps that you can take to streamline your pre-op preparations. Patients can also follow a few basic guidelines if they want to enjoy a quick and safe recovery with very few post-op issues. 

Where Do I Get Started?

After you have decided that you are ready for cosmetic surgery and carried out a little research on your own, you will then need to pick a doctor. Because of the complexity of these procedures, you always want to find the best plastic surgeon in your area. Working with a skilled and experienced surgeon from a quality surgical center will ensure that you enjoy the results of your procedure for many years to come. Before you meet with your surgeon, you should make sure that they have all of the proper qualifications and plenty of experience with the procedure that you are interested in. 

Prepping for Your Operation

Once you have looked over some before before and after photos and consulted with your surgeon, it will then be time to get your body ready for the operation. While most modern cosmetic procedures are incredibly safe, you still want to be as healthy as possible when you undergo any type of cosmetic treatment. In the vast majority of cases, surgeons will tell their patients to avoid all tobacco products and refrain from alcohol in the weeks leading up to any operation. You should also get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, and follow a relatively healthy diet. Patients who are currently taking any over-the-counter or prescription medications should speak with their surgeons to see if those must be avoided as well. 

A Basic Cosmetic Procedure

Even though every cosmetic treatment is slightly different, most are going to follow at least a few basic steps. Your surgeon is going to ask you to arrive at the center in comfortable clothing with a loved one who can drive you home. For more complicated procedures, a general anesthetic that puts the patient fully to sleep will usually be used. Minor or minimally invasive procedures might only require a local anesthetic or mild sedative, but patients should still plan on having a loved one ready to take them home and look after them. 

Most types of plastic surgery take at least a few hours to complete, but you should be able to head home on the same day unless the operation was highly invasive. Once you are home, you must follow all of your surgeon’s instructions and rest as much as possible. Moving around too much or trying to engage in everyday activities right away could extend the length of your recovery or even cause post-op complications. 

Your Rejuvenated Appearance

No matter what type of procedure you decide on, you should be ready to make at least a few lifestyle changes after the operation. Staying as healthy as possible will increase the longevity of your results and improve your overall quality of life. Your surgeon might also suggest that you schedule regular follow-up appointments so that they can make sure you aren’t dealing with any complications. If you ever notice any unusual side effects or health problems following your procedure, you must immediately contact your surgeon and schedule an appointment.