Foods That Can Aid Your Weight Loss Journey

Foods That Are Rich in Fiber

Apples, almonds, chia seeds, and lentils are among the foods that give you an essential nutrient for weight loss. Eating a diet of fiber-rich foods can reduce your appetite and balance your blood sugar.

Avocado, raspberries, oats, and popcorn all make this list as well. And some great news for dieters with a sweet tooth: dark chocolate is also fiber-rich treat!

High-Protein Foods

Another great blood sugar regulator is protein. Eating high-protein foods will help keep your appetite stable throughout the day and help you to stay full longer.

Your body uses more energy (therefore burning more calories) to process protein than fat. High-protein diets can boost metabolism and have been shown to be helpful in reducing abdominal fat. Foods high in protein include lean meats, nuts and seeds, soy, and eggs.

Foods with Hearty Iron Levels

Iron helps to bring oxygen to your muscles, and if you are running low on iron you’ll be running low on energy. Make sure you have plenty of iron in your diet so you can exercise regularly.

Some great sources of iron are spinach, red meat, and legumes. If you want to make sure you are getting all the iron you need, pair a citrus fruit with your iron-rich food. The vitamin C will help with iron absorption.

Foods with a High Water Content

Foods with a lot of water in them will help you feel full without the extra calories. Sometimes you can feel hungry when you are thirsty. So, foods with high water content can quench your thirst and hunger at the same time!

Eating water-rich foods will help you stay hydrated without chugging your water bottle as often, and this will aid in digestion and help you from feeling bloated and tired. Soups, fruits, yogurt, and vegetables all have high water contents.