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Fiber to Flourish in 2012

Fiber to Flourish in 2012A recent survey of over 200 dietitians conducted by Pollock Communications says that fiber will be on people’s minds in 2012:

  • 72% of dietitians surveyed said consumers will want more organic, sustainable, fresh and minimally processed – read: higher fiber – foods in 2012
  • 94% of the dietitians said the New Year will bring a push for increased fruits & vegetable consumption
  • 69% of RDs in the sample said they will use MyPlate to counsel patients and clients in the Near Year

Making New Year’s resolutions? Here’s how you can bump up your fiber intake while simultaneously shedding some of that Holiday poundage:

  • Aim for 3 pieces of fruit per day – use them as between meal snacks
  • Analyze your plate – emphasize the role of fruits and vegetables, filling half your plate with colorful produce
  • If it’s white: walk away – cut back on calorie laden white carbs and fill yourself up with high fiber alternatives such as legumes and whole grains

To find a dietitian in your area to help maximize your nutrition success in the New Year – check out the American Dietetic Association’s “RD Finder” tool at

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