Everything about Ambrosia Apple

Ambrosia apples are considered to be one of the most expensive fruits. Not only are they rare but also limited to certain manufactures. This is why the fruit is not available commonly. But still, people all over the world love and admire it. What is this fruit, why it is so famous, and what makes it so special, let’s learn!

Background of Ambrosia Apples

Decades ago, in a small house in Canada, a family found a strange apple in their orchard. It was different from the rest. It felt richer and somehow prettier. When they ate it, it tasted nothing like regular apples.

Fortunately for us, they did not abandon it or threw out its seed. Instead, they sought it and let it grow. Sometime later, that plant produced more of those delicious apples. The family considered it a legacy and named it ambrosia, meaning “the food of the gods.”

Many people think that this rare breed must have been born as a result of some artificial seedling. But actually, its growth was all planned by nature. The seed of an ambrosia apple is a combination of our regular green apples and a mystery fruit. Only God knows how this foreign seed mated with an apple. But whatever it was, it surely produced a gem.

It is quite surprising how the family did not get rid of the unique plant, or even noticed it in the first place. If you think about it, it might be possible that this kind of breeding happens everywhere around us, and we just do not happen to notice or pay attention to it.

Anyhow, lucky for us, that family was attentive and conscious enough to share this amazing find with the rest of the world. They distributed the fruit and its seeds, and people instantly fell in love with it. Soon, it came into the market, and more and more people got to taste this divine fruit. This is how the rare and one the most tasteful kind of apples came into existence.

How it Got Famous?

As compared to golden apples, ambrosia apples do not contain any sort of acidity. Most people compare their sweetness to honey. It may not be the particular choice of everyone, but a good majority of people like this sweet flavor with no acidic kick to it.

Another reason why this strange breed got famous is that this particular type of apple is bicolored. It instantly grabs attention due to its vibrant exterior. It is also possible that its looks were the only reason why it got discovered in the first place.

When this apple started to sell in the market, people went crazy over it. They preferred it over other types, and soon, it became a staple piece. Even now, only a few distributors are allowed to harvest and produce this rare breed, and that’s the specialty of it. After all, excess of even good things isn’t healthy.

Health Benefits of Ambrosia Apples

Apples and all the fruits contain brilliant nutritional qualities. Likewise, Ambrosia apples are also packed with rich nutrients and health benefits. Some of such benefits are given below

  • Sleep Induction

The top and the very best benefit of ambrosia apples, as described by the regular eaters, is that it helps induce deep sleep. At times, people sleep-related problems like insomnia or just a bad sleeping schedule prefer eating this fruit to balance their sleep hours. Apparently, it is a healthy and sweet substitute for heavy pills.

  • Immunity-Boosting Properties

You might have heard the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, in the case of ambrosia apples, it is somewhat very true. This fruit contains all the essential antioxidants that our body needs to fight with infections. It boosts immunity and provides extra strength to keep all the systems in check.

  • Better Digestion

Ambrosia apples contain a high amount of fiber. This fiber is essential for proper metabolism and gut function. It fastens up the digestive tract and prevents conditions like constipation. It is considered to be a must-have for the patients of hemorrhoids.

  • Anxiety Control

People with high anxiety and stress levels find ambrosia apples to be beneficial for their condition. This fruit contains nutrients like vitamin B6 and magnesium that elevates a person’s mood and cheers him up.

All in all, we can say that ambrosia apples contain many health-promoting properties. It is a perfect combination of taste and good health. One can say that it is the kind of sweet you do not feel guilty for eating.

Uses of Ambrosia Apples

Ambrosia apples are used for a variety of dishes. Due to the heavy sweetness, it can be a star of any dessert. You can add it to cakes, fruit trifles, and whatnot. In many families, ambrosia pie is a delicacy. This fruit can fulfill the sweet cravings of any sugar tooth. Some other famous dishes made out of ambrosia apples include ambrosia apple fritters, doughnuts, and the all-time famous ambrosia apple muffins.

One may think that a fruit this sweet can only be added in a dessert. On the contrary, this unique fruit can elevate anything essentially. People use it to enhance the flavors of different spices in savory dishes too.

Some examples of the use of ambrosia apples in the field of savory dishes include ambrosia tuna sandwich, breakfast nachos, and cinnamon apple with quinoa. In a way, the options are limitless for the uses of ambrosia apples.

Some Facts about Ambrosia Apples

Ambrosia apples are unique. They are nothing like your regular green apples. Therefore, its preparation also requires proper efforts and specific techniques. You cannot treat this delicacy like other fruits. It has special properties and thus requires a special way of treatment. The following are some facts that make ambrosia apples stand out from the other varieties.

  • Browning of Fruit

Normally, every fruit goes through some changes if you leave it out after cutting. This happens because of a chemical reaction called enzymatic browning. The chloroplast in the fruit reacts with the oxygen in the air, and as a result, the exterior becomes brown in color.

But this process is quite different in ambrosia apples. Although it reacts with air and does turn brown, it happens at a much slower pace. It takes so much time that you can leave your apple pieces out for hours, and it will stay fresh.

  • Sugar Content

As mentioned above, ambrosia apples contain higher sugar levels. As compared to golden apples, they are quite strong in the sweet department. Moreover, they contain less acid due to which you do not get that acidic kick while eating one. When using ambrosia for cooking, you must add half the amount of sugar that the recipe calls. The sweetness of apples will naturally provide a better, richer, and wholesome taste to your dish.

  • You Can Buy Them in Bulk

Many people fear that if they buy a huge amount of fruit, it will rot in some time. But for ambrosia apples, the reality is quite the opposite; this fruit is mostly available in the fall time just before winters. You can buy it in bulk and store it in your refrigerator. It will last you a long time, and the best part is, it won’t go bad that quickly.

In a Nutshell

Ambrosia apples came into existence as a result of a sweet coincidence. As soon as it was launched in the market, people found a new favorite kind of apple. It is purely sweet with no acidic background. It is very different from other apples and packed with all kinds of healthy nutrients too. You can use this delicacy for different uses. Be it sweet or savory – any dish can be elevated with the magical touch of an ambrosia apple.