ED Treatment Singapore: 4 Important Questions to Ask your Doctor about Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a common concern among men. During our time helping patients of different age groups at https://www.drbenmedical.sg/, we understand that it can be embarrassing to talk about it.

Nonetheless, it’s important to get the help you need in order to have the best sex life possible. Here are four important questions that you should ask your doctor when considering erectile dysfunction treatment options.

1. What could be the Cause of my ED?

Medically erectile dysfunction is referred to as “male impotence” or “erectile disorder”. Erectile dysfunction can be classified as a male sexual health disorder that has a physical cause.

There are more than 30 common things that can obstruct a normal erection including some medicines, alcohol abuse and certain diseases.  ED can be caused by things like trauma, side effects on medications, CVD, depression & anxiety disorders. CVS issues including hypertension are also possible.

For some it could be neurological conditions that are getting in the way of natural erectile function during arousal or orgasm. Certain drugs and excessive caffeine intake can also block receptors in certain nerve endings which dampen feelings within genital tissues to inhibit normal penile function during arousal or climax.

Another cause may simply be the result of overactive noradrenalin pathways leading to testosterone deficiency or an under-active thyroid impeding production of key hormones necessary for sexual desire and performance. During your ED treatment in Singapore, your doctor may need to address these issues individually.

2. Are there any medications that can worsen my ED? If so, what changes can be made to the prescription/dosage I’m using?

This question is important because there are some medications such as opioids and alpha-blockers that can increase the risk of ED if you’re using them. The reduced blood flow to the penis can be reduced even more if you haven’t been sexually stimulated recently.

When taking these types of medication it is important to exercise caution and talk with your doctor about potential coping strategies. For instance, switching from an oral treatment (oral THC) to a topical treatment (Topical THC).

Also, if you are on drugs that are in the nitrate family, including nitroglycerin which have been shown to cause potency problems in men who have erectile dysfunction, there are several things your doctor may recommend during your ED treatment in Singapore when faced with this dilemma: lower frequency of nitrate use when it is no longer medically needed, reduce dose when on low-dose or short-term treatment with a newer formulation of local-acting drugs that block the action of an important enzyme system called cGMP which is necessary for erection (such as Sildenafil Citrate), and take medications for erectile dysfunction simultaneously before taking emergency medicine if sexually aroused may help.

3. What lifestyle changes should I make to help my ED issue?

You may not be aware but your lifestyle could be to blame for your struggles. Now, the first step to fixing erectile dysfunction is recognizing that you have it!

And the second step is figuring out what’s gone wrong. If an inability to get or keep an erection has become a big issue for you, it might be time to schedule a doctor’s visit for ED treatment in Singapore.

Also, you should acknowledge that ED can be a side-effect of some medications or medical treatments, including those for depression and prostate enlargement. ED can also come from lifestyle factors, such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol to excess, using recreational drugs such as marijuana and cocaine, too much caffeine intake which can lead to an overstimulation of the penis just like it does in the rest of your body. Furthermore, a natural testosterone booster should be considered, such as the best testosterone booster for erectile dysfunction.

And then there’s ED caused by obesity – or being overweight – which plays havoc with body chemistry and affects blood flow to the penis. But meanwhile, try these lifestyle changes so your problems don’t get worse.

  • Quit smoking! There are confirmed medical studies that show that smoking actually increases your risks of experiencing ED. Interestingly, you’re more likely to experience an improvement in your system if you quit smoking than if you continue smoking. This is because smoking constricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow- not good for sexual health of anyone. Tobacco can affect penis size and testosterone production and cause discomfort during sex and increased anxiety around the whole ordeal.
  • Eat more leafy greens like spinach, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and kale! Vitamin E helps maintain strong tissue elasticity in blood vessels which could be just what you need to get strong and lasting erections.
  • Be sure to exercise regularly. Exercising regularly has been shown to improve not just the general health but also bedroom performance. It is particularly recommended for those battling ED because exercises can help increase your energy levels while bringing down your stress levels. It has also been shown to improve blood circulation and play pivotal role in keeping not just your arteries but also the heart healthy.
  • Talk with your sexual health expert to change your medications. As mentioned earlier, there are medications that can cause or even worse off make your RED even worse. If you’re on any medications or supplements therefore, it is prudent that you discuss these medications with your doctor and explore the options you have. You never know. Sometimes, just reducing the dosage or switching to a different drug is simply what you need to improve your performance between the sheets.
  • Stay sexually active. We acknowledge that it can get really frustrating to be sexually active if you struggle to achieve or maintain erections but hear us out. Continuing to engage in sexual activity can stimulate blood flow to your penis which can help you avoid further problems with erectile dysfunction. Just be keen to practice safe sex!

4. Would it be of any help seeing a counselor, sex therapist, psychiatrist for ED?

Do note that ED is a complex disorder and such; it has many possible causes stemming from physical and psychological factors. It takes an expert counselor, sex therapist, psychiatrist to get the definitive diagnosis – which might include pelvic exams and blood tests in order to rule out physiological causes.

Talking with someone who is compassionate can be helpful when considering all these treatments for ED. Counseling usually involves some form of talk therapy in addition to traditional “talking” with a psychologist or social worker about your personal history and relationship difficulties in your current or prior relationships. Sometimes, counseling alone may not resolve ED when it’s also combined with chemical dependency issues requiring treatment for alcohol or drugs too.

Counseling can be part of that whole experience along with self-exploration. Mental health professionals often work closely alongside psychiatrists and other medical doctors during the diagnosis phase in order to create an effective treatment plan as soon possible.

In Closing

ED can be treated. You just need not to feel shy about seeking ED treatment because it’s normal. Give us a call at +65 888 67890 to confidentially book an appointment for ED treatment in Singapore.

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