Eating healthy while travelling for business

Going on a business trip but don’t know what are the healthy foods you can eat while you travel? It can be a real bummer when you can’t decide on what to eat in front of your colleagues. Thus, pre-planning on the meals and food items you can have during these trips is necessary. Business trips can be long and tiring for many. You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself by being jet-lagged while you sit on your first-class or business-class seat. So eating healthy while travelling for business is a must.

Let us see how you can eat healthy while you travel for business.

  • Eating fresh fruits:

Fruits are packed with loads of nutrition especially vitamins and minerals. They help to stimulate metabolic functions, increase your immunity, prevents an easy attack of diseases and so on. Fruits also help to make you feel full for longer. Their additional water content keeps you hydrated and energized. Their intake during business travels will keep your blood pressure in control and keep you fit for the tiring days. Fresh fruits can give you all the health benefits you need and make you feel refreshed and healthy.

  • Maintain your daily routine:

Sticking to your usual routine is necessary. You might need to wait up for your colleagues or partners out of courtesy to have the meal together. Keep some healthy snacks with you to meet the hunger for the time being. Otherwise, you might end up over-eating due to excess hunger. It is surely not good for a busy man who has to do loads of work post-meal intake.

  • Nutritional value check before ordering food:

It is a general routine to order meals from nearby restaurants while you are on a busy schedule. Yet, you should take a minute or so to look for nutritional information. Several chain restaurants usually show you nutritional value content or the ingredients used in the meal while you are ordering. Do not forget to check the total fats and calorie content of the particular dish. You would also need to take a look at the sodium content of food. You better eat healthy stuffs because you would have a long tiring day afterwards.

  • Keep it low with alcohol:

While you go on business trips, you might come along dozens of business functions and business celebrations. It is absolutely common to have a bottle of wine, beer or any other sort of alcohol to celebrate or simply for stress-relief. These drinks are packed with high sugar content and so huge calories. Even the smallest shot of these drinks will derail you from the healthy eating path. You will lose appetite when you drink a lot of these and the goal to healthy eating would be out of sight.

Hence, what you need to do is keep away from these drinks or even if it is a must, add a considerable amount of water to it. You can try drinking a glass of water before yoi have any of these drinks to cut the aftermath to some extent.

  • Do not skip breakfast:

Skipping breakfast will only make you excessively hungry at the later point of the day. You might possibly crave for sugar or junk foods. If you are not full at the beginning of your day, you will feel lethargic and fatigued when the requirement is to carry out a heavy-duty task. While on work later on, you would undoubtedly go for whatever junkie is in front of you.

Even when taking breakfast at hotels, you need to make sure you start your day with a healthy meal. Avoid fried food and eat something which has a balanced amount of protein, fats and starch. Protein shakes, boiled eggs, protein cereals, yoghurt, fruits etc are all great options for breakfast on a business trip.

  • Going low on sugar:

Too much sugar tends to give you a sugar rush or make you feel fatigued. If you are a sweet-tooth and cannot survive a day without sweets, no worries you can try on low-sugar desserts like smoothies and low-fat ice-cream. Added sugar or sweetened food can be avoided to keep control of blood pressure. You can also consider having plain yoghurt that would fulfil your sugar demand and also help you with your calories.

  • More protein for overcoming the wear and tears:

Business trips are all about spontaneous travelling and all-day working. Your body might even want to give up at times. So, it is necessary to keep yourself energized and overcome regular wear and tears. Protein food like- chicken, nuts, protein shakes, eggs and some protein-rich vegetables take longer to digest which means they keep you full for longer. You can easily cut on your calories by protein foods as more protein foods mean fewer carbs. Replace the carbohydrates with protein that will ensure less calorie intake. It is also the best way to meet your hunger during trips.

  • Loads of water to drink:

Make sure to have a good amount of water during your business trips. It is necessary to stay hydrated or else dehydration may tend to make you sick. You might not even be able to function properly. If drinking water is not that feasible you can try having smoothies or juices. A portable smoothie blender for travel can be a good companion for you. You can make fruit smoothies that will meet your water demand and also will give you a tasty treat.

  • Pre-packing of healthy snacks:

Airplane meals may not always be healthy for you. It is always a better option to keep some pre-packed snacks with you. You can carry these foods in a container or a zip bag. You can include energy bars, fruits, salads, nuts, cereals, sandwiches etc on the list. They can also meet your untimely hunger.

Thus, the necessity of eating healthy while travelling for business is needless to explain. Getting on board with an unfit physique is never a good option. These ideas will surely benefit you to make your business travels healthy and successful!