Dragon shield matte sleeves silver game review

Dragon Shield is an internationally acknowledged game with a myriad of card accessories. It features sleeves that protect and connect the card accessories.

Fashioned with different colors and features, the Dragon Shield sleeves are the best sleeves you can purchase for your beloved cards.

Silver sleeves review 

Here’s my explicit review of the matte silver sleeves, and the peculiar features that make it distinct from other matte sleeves games. Meanwhile you can buy Dragon Shield Matte at this miniature game store.

  • The sleeves are sharp, crystal-clear, and defining. They do not alter the quality of the art. The sleeves are shinier and glossy in person, which makes it difficult for little scratches to reflect on them. However, the toughness of the sleeves defies its clarity when there are multiple scratches on them.

Relating to stretches, the sleeves easily part when exerting much effort, most especially when two fingers are used to stretch the sleeves.

  • The silver sleeves are designed in such a way that it is easier and quicker when shuffling the cards. It has a superior shuffle ability for gameplay. Unlike other sleeve textures, it has a smooth body and does not reflect scratches after prolonged shuffling. However, the sleeves have pointy edges, which could be harmful and uncomfortable for the players. Although this is restrictive due to individual styles of shuffling. Plus, the edges are thick and durable.
  • The silver card sleeves are glossy, they look like a diamond, which makes them perfect for foil clarity. And I appreciate the fact that the sleeves are silver in texture. Just as I do the front of the sleeves which reflect foils and do not fade when the cards are placed halfway into the sleeves.
  • In the case of double sleeving, the cards are inserted perfectly through the inner sleeve to the outer sleeve. Due to that, it is a perfect medium for limited access to liquids, and for the foils to be well guarded against airflow.
  • The silver sleeves, made of thermoplastics or fibers that are polypropylene, are designed for both competitive and lone-ranger games. It can withstand any form of rough gameplay handling. Just as you know, competitive gameplays are usually tough and they involve a lot of clumsiness from players, unlike the casual or lone gameplays that do not require hard touches. Also, it is free of PVC and definitely does not contain acid components. Finally, made of plastic, they remain firm regardless of the conditions of play.
  • An interesting fact about it is that the cards, majestically passed on a silver matboard, have color variations, to keep them coordinated.
  • In terms of price, a not-too-cheap price is quite justifiable, given the fact that the sleeves are with durable and thick edges and a smooth surface for excellent shuffling. However, a too-expensive price is not justified as the cards are slightly translucent and are too tight.


The Dragon Shield Silver sleeves are perfectly valued for their durability, strength, and ruggedness; which does not influence its clarity and glossiness. Moreover, it is one of the perfect Dragon Shield sleeves with excellent shuffling ability.