Does Liquor Cause the Loss of Hair

The loss of hair is a big big issue. Many people can’t bear it. Loss of hair is also genetically transferable.  From parents to the children and so on. From a medical science point of view, hair loss is not a disease. However, no one can deny its impact on mental health. Research showed that Hair loss can cause depression and anxiety as well. So, indirectly it is causing trouble in life. The main reason is hair loss at the stage of baldness can affect your personality. You stop the social life gatherings and it reduces the charm of life.

The biggest reason the hair loss is genetically transferability. Then there can be many other factors like dehydration, and some related to digestion and food as well. If one of your parents has a loss of hair. Then there are many chances that at one stage you can have it too. You need to be careful about your health. Few studies show many parents have children without a loss of hair. But they need to take some healthy steps to avoid the loss of hair.

Liquor is also assumed to be a cause of hair loss. Many people think that liquor is a reason for hair loss. However, in this article, we will try to figure out that does liquor cause the loss of hair.

Impact of liquor on loss of hairs

Studies show no direct impact of Liquor or alcohol on hair loss. However, there are a few indirect ways that liquor can cause a loss of hair. Let us discuss them one by one.

1. Liquor Cause Dehydration

The most important indirect impact of Liquor on hair loss is that it causes dehydration. The follicle is a sac, the reason for the hair growth. It requires quite an amount of hydration to performs its duty. Dehydration caused by liquor can stop it from working perfectly. As a result, earlier the hair starts to become thin and then all of sudden the growth of the hairs stop. Many recommend it as a hair fall due to Liquor.

However, there are always ways. If you are drinking a lot of liquor make sure to intake the required fluids. That’s how it is it will wark drink lot of water. The liquor is also in liquid form and you are drinking it excessively. It s difficult to intake the amount of water you need to overcome dehydration. That is the reason that this indirect impact of the liquor affects hair loss.

2. Age Factor

One of the factors of hair fall is age. Normally old age people have more hair loss than the youth.  Many people call “age s just a number”, but it is not true for the loss of hair. Many people start losing hair with time. A few of the reasons are due to changes in the body physics and mental health the hair falls.

Liquor can increase your age factor. It means maybe at 30 your body starts behaving like 35 or 40 and so on.  Alcohol affects mental health all are affected by liquor. More excessive drinking means more quickly getting older. That is quicker towards hair loss. This is another indirect way in which liquor impact the loss of hair.

3. Upset Stomach

Liquor has an extraordinary capability to upset the stomach. It can cause vomiting and acute gastritis, which are part of the upset stomach. An upset stomach is another reason for hair loss. An upset stomach means that the body is not generating the required level of energy and digestion. Hence, an unstable stomach means that the body is unable to provide a sufficient level of energy to individual parts including the follicle. When the follicle does not work it means hairs are not growing properly. If the problem continues there are chances of hair loss.

Most people who drink excessive liquor always complain about the stomach. The stomach is responsible to utilise the food according to the instructions of the brain. When the stomach fails to do it many body parts start responding in a negative way like pain or itching etc. Similarly, the elements responsible for the hair growth couldn’t grow thicker hairs.

4. Disturb Brain Signal Pathway

The working of every organ, element or hormone is a responsibility of the brain. Brain instructs every part to act. This is done by neurons. Neurons have a pathway to instruct everybody part about the orders of the brain. That’s how our whole bodywork. The Liquor has alcohol, alcohol can disturb the pathway of the brain signals. Based on this body stop responding to the brain’s instructions. It is a situation when a liquor taker become senseless. You even cannot remember anything. That is why many people drink in a state of sorrow.

This excessive condition of senselessness means that the body does not exactly know what to do and where to transmit the signals. Hence, many regions including the region responsible for the hair growth don’t know what to do. Once they stop deciding the growth of hairs. It is the beginning of hair fall. If someone kept him drunk for a larger period regularly the hair fall could increase exponentially.

5. Anxiety

It is famous that hair fall can cause anxiety. The interesting thing is converse is more true, i.e., anxiety cause hair fall. Liquor can change the level of serotonin. Not only serotonin but also other neutron based transmitters. It is one of the major causes of anxiety due to Liquor. The Liquor can anxiety. Therefore, at one stage a person wants more and more Liquor as anxiety.

Research shows that anxiety together with stress can cause specific types of hair fall. This fall of hair is somehow more than others because it impacts many other parts of the body including the head. Therefore, it is very important to control the alcohol intake for a better life and hair loss free life.


The liquor may not have a direct impact on the hair fall. But its indirect impact on hair fall is not easy to ignore. Liquor causes dehydration, anxiety, increase age, upset stomach, disturbance in the path of the brain. These all factors affect the fall of hair. So, it is not wrong to say that liquor cause the loss of hair.

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