Crystals For Protection: Why Is Black Tourmaline One Of The Best

When on the path to find healing and self-mastery, all we carry is ourselves, our conditioning, and trauma accumulated over the years. There are many things that can help you ascend faster without spiritually bypassing any of your milestones, but these tools and guiding hands help make the journey more simplified. The tools of choice differ from person to person, where some may prefer regular smudging or singing bowls, others resort to esoteric tools like tarot decks or shadow work.

All these practices have something in common which has gained a lot of popularity in the spiritual community, and these are crystals, gifts from mother earth to us. Crystals come in hundreds of kinds with varying colors, chemical properties, spiritual benefits, and their own energy. One such powerful crystal which is our favorite to work with is Black Tourmaline. If you’re curious to know why this wonderful crystal is very protective of its owners, this is the blog you should be reading!

Are You Being Called to Get a Crystal?

It can start as subtle signs, but we believe that a crystal calls to its future owners when they need its help the most. With prominent energy to be reckoned with, you will know when it is time to bring one home. It could be dreaming of it, having the name come up in multiple conversations, seeing the mention of Black Tourmaline repeatedly, or having the strong desire to protect your own energy. Whatever the signs are, you will understand the symbolism and soon be drawn to a blog like ours, researching all there is to know about this black beauty. If you’re feeling called to get one don’t ignore your intuition; you may be entering a phase in your life where some extra grounding and shielding may be required. Now let’s look into why this is one of the best protective crystals.

Properties of Black Tourmaline

The crystal takes its name after its unmistakable color, an impressive jet black with silver streaks in it. Being a part of the silicate family, it is found mainly in Brazil and other parts of Africa, including Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Madagascar, and Malawi. This crystal is part of the tourmaline family, which comes in multiple colors of green, blue, red, or copper along with black. However, each of them has different properties that make them equally special.

This crystal has a very high frequency that protects your aura, physical body, mind, and home from psychic attacks, negativity, evil eye, bad vibes, or any sort of harm intended towards the owners. If you suffer from anxiety, depression or are constantly subject to spiritual attacks by malefic entities or energies, this crystal will help to put a stop to all of it quickly. Not only does it protect, but the crystal is also a great source to ground your energy as it works on the root chakra. If you feel your energy has been spread too thin or has leaked (hello, empaths, we see you!), carrying this moonlight-charged crystal will mitigate the problem.

When Should You Get a Black Tourmaline?

You’ll fint it available in many forms such as tumble stones, raw, wands, amulets, pendants, and pendulums. Buying them is not a huge challenge, but you also need to be aware of where you buy them from. Since these crystals are silicate-based, they are a bit more fragile than the quartz crystal family. Make sure you buy from verified sellers. As you know, there are several fake crystal shops and sellers both at stores and online sites. It is important that you scan these shops well to know the legitimacy of their crystals.

Another aspect to pay attention is to how these crystals are mined and extracted since there are many manufacturers that use unethical practices. All crystals carry amazing energy when they are sourced organically and ethically. Good quality sellers will provide a certificate of authenticity and also be pretty transparent about their process, especially if they support local and indigenous businesses. Also, buying high-quality crystals will be a little more expensive than settling for the cheaper ones. The former guarantees pure crystals with no impurities and the latter could be lab-made, damaged or cracked.

Tips to Use Black Tourmaline In Daily Life

When you first buy any crystal, make sure that you cleanse it in a prescribed way; some crystals do not do well with salt or water cleanse, others react to sunlight. Next, charge your crystal under the full moon and set your intention while activating it. This can be done in many ways, be it meditating with it, writing the intention on parchment and burning it, or by using affirmations. You can carry this crystal for protection, especially when you’re traveling, working, or out in public. If you absorb emotions and energies quickly, this will ground your energy and stop energy loss.

You can use this crystal in banishing spells to ward off negative vibes or do a cord-cutting ritual to cleanse your aura of attachments you don’t need in life anymore. Once awakened, it is impossible to live the same old life of oblivion or go around in circles with the same lessons; this crystal can help you end repeating themes and lessons or generational curses. You can also place a raw crystal in every room or the four corners of your home to absorb negativity or malefic energies/entities and promote safety.


You know what they say, there is a crystal for every purpose, be it healing a broken heart, getting that new job, or manifesting light body activations. However, while working with esoteric practices and tools, protecting our energy is the first step before beginning anything else. Black Tourmaline is truly one of the best crystals to have in your collection since there’s no other like it. Make sure to cleanse it every full moon and charge it regularly to renew its energies. If a crystal ever breaks or crumbles (they can do that a lot), don’t panic about bad mojo. Simply cleanse them and add the pieces to your plants or garden as an offering back to Gaia. The ones that crack have done their job!