Chiropractic Pregnancy Care

If you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, you probably already expect to deal with some additional aches and pains. You’re most likely going to put on some extra weight during your pregnancy. That additional weight is going to challenge your spinal column, discs in your spine, and even put pressure on the nerves that go through the entire skeletal system.

Chiropractic care is growing in popularity due to its ability to help rebalance bones in muscle. It’s sort of a maintenance process. When extra weight causes disturbances in your bones, or even if you’ve been sitting in a certain position for a long time, it can squeeze down on nerves and cause a lot of pain. Anyone who gains even just 10 pounds can tell you how much additional stress it puts on their body.

Chiropractic care is designed to readjust those misaligned joints so that it takes the pressure off the nerves, and in turn relieving the nerves. This means less spinal stress and more of an ability to carry your child with less pain. Taking care of yourself inside and out is going to be a priority for the next nine months.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe While Pregnant?

Like many other instances, when you’re pregnant you have to consider whether or not a certain practice is safe for both you and your child. There are a lot of things you can do when you’re not pregnant that you should stop doing as soon as you find out you’re expecting. The priority is now to deliver a healthy child, but that doesn’t mean it should come at the expense of taking care of yourself.

The healthier you are, the more that those health benefits will transfer to your child as your carrying him or her. The good news for you is that chiropractors are trained from the beginning to work with pregnant women. They are completely invested in helping women care for their fertility and ultimate wellness. You should be taking care of yourself well before you even become pregnant. Prenatal chiropractic care is essential in preparing the body for what it’s about to go through.

There are no known issues with pregnant women visiting a chiropractor to get adjusted. In fact, many chiropractors excel in treating women in every phase of pregnancy, whether that’s prenatal, current, or postnatal. As with any medical profession, there are different levels of training. Each level is based on the amount of training required to achieve that particular degree.

Chiropractors with a DACCP after their name has accomplished the highest level of training there is and has an incredibly advanced treatment regimen. CACCP shows advanced training and chiropractors who are “Webster Certified” have been trained to work specifically with women who need pelvic balance while pregnant.  Also be sure to check out Pregnancy Chiropractor Tampa as a great option.

Should You Consider Chiropractic Care While Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, you already know and expect many changes to happen. While there are plenty of common struggles, there are also aspects of pregnancy that will be unique to you. Your body size, your strength, and the quality of your overall health will determine whether there are any complications or what changes will occur.

The biggest changes you’ll feel are mostly physiological. Your body is going to try and prepare you for carrying and eventually the birth of your child. But all the changes just aren’t on the outside. There are plenty of endocrinological changes as well. Having a protruding abdomen due to a child puts a lot of pressure on your lower spine.

As the child grows larger, you will also take on additional weight, including water. You will most likely find yourself uncomfortable in a lot of ways. The way you sit, sleep, lay down, and walk will all change. Your body will start compensating for the additional weight and it can throw out your balance and cause pelvic and postural changes.  Also be sure to check out options like point cook pregnancy massage as well.

If your spine and pelvis become misaligned, that doesn’t just cause pain, but it can also take necessary room away from your child. It’s called intrauterine constraint. The baby needs to remain in a good position, especially as it prepares for birth. A misaligned pelvis can cause those sorts of disruptions.

Going to see a chiropractor is always the best way to make regular adjustments and to ensure your body is fully aligned. It’s safe not only for you, but for your baby as well, and it can be beneficial to the overall health and delivery of your child. Your body is about to undergo a lot of changes, and seeing a chiropractor is one way to counter them and prevent pain.